Veteran Guyanese pilot Ayube Mahazarally found hanging

Ayube Mahazarally


Ayube Mahazarally
Ayube Mahazarally

[] – Veteran Guyanese pilot Ayube Mahazarally was on Tuesday, September 29 found hanging inside his Kingston, Georgetown home.

Details are sketchy but sources told iNews that the man was last seen at home and in the Kingston area on Saturday.

However, when his absence became of worry to neighbours, who on Tuesday were alerted to the terrible stench coming from the home, the police was called in.

Neighbours’ worst fears were confirmed when police found Mahazarally’s swollen body hanging from the roof with a rope around his neck.

He is suspected to have committed suicide and a police investigation is under-way. 

The now dead retiree lived alone in the Kingston home. His wife and other close family members live abroad.

Efforts to contact other members of the Mahazarally family in Guyana, including Air Services Limited Executive Annette Arjoon were unsuccessful. 

Details emerging.



  1. There are so many people battling depression in Guyana that has not been diagnosed or treated, so many suicides that could have been prevented if only this condition is taken seriously and treated. My heartfelt condolence goes out to the family.


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