Almost 5,000 utilized Berbice water taxi in five days – Patterson

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

[] – Almost 5,000 passengers have utilized the government introduced water taxi service to cross the Berbice River between the commencement date on September 21 and September 26, Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson said in a statement on Tuesday.

Patterson said “as of September 26, 2,276 passengers have utilized the Rosignol-New Amsterdam route, while 2,701 passengers have crossed the New Amsterdam-Rosignol route.”

The River taxi service commenced operation on September 21, 2015 with 382 passengers enjoying the $240 return trip from Rosignol -New Amsterdam on the first day.

Patterson said he has noted with concern the statements made in some sections of the media pertaining to the new initiative by the Government.

The Minister is reiterating that the move by the present Administration is a necessity for residents of Region #5 and #6 to ease the financial burden of the high price to cross the Berbice Bridge. 

Meanwhile, the concerns of the minibus operators are on the Ministry’s agenda.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure,  Annette Ferguson met with the operators is currently drafting a proposal to reach an amicable resolution.

“We are aware of their concerns and the common objective is to have a win- win solution,” Minister Patterson stated.












  1. Patterson, Tell the Guyanese people how much money you have generate on the peoples behalf.
    Or tell them how many billions you have squander so far!!
    Other countries will soon join Venezuela in protesting against your illegal government.


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