Update: Suspect on the run after stabbing wife to death

Allan Barker
Allan Barker

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The police are on the hunt for Allan Barker, who allegedly stabbed his wife to death during an argument at their Canal Number 1, West Bank Demerara home on Thursday, April 30.

A police release noted that at approximately 16:00hrs, the man and his 28 – year – old wife, Donessa Barker where involved in a domestic row during which he stabbed her about the body.

The mother of 1 was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The police noted that the suspect fled the scene and has not been arrested as yet.

Dead: Bonessa Joyce – Barker
Dead: Donessa Joyce – Barker

iNews had reported that the woman used to be constantly abused by Barker after only sharing a year of marriage. Reports indicate that the woman was previously burnt with a pot of hot water by her husband but when the police were called in, she denied that the man committed the act.



  1. police are on the hunt??? really ? by now most guyanese came to one true conclusion..police in guyana dont hunt for criminals…if by chance a wanted criminal is caught in the act of committing another crime then thats it..if the ethnicity is the the wrong ethnicity then police will find that ethnic criminal in a blink..but not de ones who slide over to surinam or french guiana until things chill out then sneak in back into guyana..some of them even go in de bush with their loved ones..as soon as the heat is off they slip back out to do it all over again.


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