Men, women arrested following police raid in Agricola

[File Photo]
File Photo

[] – The Police conducted a raid at Agricola, East Bank Demerara in the wee hours of Friday, May 01, where nine buildings were searched.

A police media release noted that an unlicensed .38 revolver with two rounds and one spent shell was recovered in one of the homes and two men were arrested.

According to the police force, seven other men and two women were arrested for trafficking in narcotics and pending investigations into armed robberies.




  1. They want to put away as much people as possible in the jail so they won’t get to vote. God only need a handful to win it for us. Let us give God the Glory. Amen he has the last say.

  2. Who tip off roger khan? Bharat,,,but he roger rum from felix and slam into uncle sam ,,,JAIL, he has to answer for the agri minister, he and your friends from buxton, hinds that guarding the ppp is one of the crabs in the buxton pot

  3. they r being tipped off on most police raids just like they were being tipped off when the army was sent in to buxton


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