Update: Lusignan teenage girl shot in head



Dead: Ashmine Harryram
Dead: Ashmine Harryram

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Police have confirmed that 19 – year – old Ashmine Harryram of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara was shot in her head today [Thursday, July 10].

iNews understands that at around 11:15 hours, Harryram, who is a cosmetologist was walking home with her cousin on the Lusignan Railway Embankment, when a gunman approached, took away her cellphone and shot her in the head before escaping in a Burgundy car, which was parked waiting.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that the license plate number of the car was blocked. The relatives of the young woman are now questioning the motives behind the murder and are wondering why the gunman did not rob the cousin as well.

The teen’s body was left in a pool of blood on the Lusignan Public Road before she was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.



  1. he took duh fone becuz they dont want the police to read the break up or love story problems mudda fuckas whipped shudda fine a nex girl n leav di girl alone

  2. this is a hired hit or love gone wrong.he killed her then took her cheap phone to make it look like robbery. her cousan know lots and must tell the truth

  3. 11.15 pm, an eighteen year old female in the street for whatever reasons.
    The people have to employ due diligence for their well being.

    All over the world there are freaks. In Chicago, USA on July 6th 2014, 14 people were shot dead and dozens injured.

    Point is, you may be right or have rights. But you are just as dead as if you were wrong.

  4. This is so sad what the hell is going on in Guyana,can the Government do something,May your soul rest in peace young lady!!!!


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