Tomb broken into after mother/wife of dead man square off at funeral



By Leroy Smith

Ashley Bacchus
Ashley Bacchus

[] – After a controversial burial and a war of words between sections of the family led by his mother and second wife, the tomb bearing the remains of 43 – year – old Noel Champo was broken into and the casket left exposed to the elements.

Champo, was a father of five and was married twice. He died of natural causes two weeks ago and was buried on Friday July 04 at the Le Repentir cemetery. Speaking with iNews in the grave yard this morning, the dead man’s uncle, Terrence Champo explained that they did not bury the man in any expensive materials. He was buried with a wrist watch, glasses, and suit and had $200 dollars in his pocket.

He said that he was at his home in Albouystown when he got the call that the tomb was broken into. However, relatives got very edgy when they began hearing rumours that the head of the man was removed and might have been taken to Suriname.

However, after checking it was found that the man’s remains are intact.

Meanwhile, the dead man’s wife, Ashley Bacchus told iNews at the scene that she is very disturbed over the incident.

She explained that she and the man’s first wife share a very good relationship but was quick to admit that the mother of the man has been giving her hell.Tomb 1

She said that her mother – in – law has been fighting her down believing that her son left a lot of material things including cash for her.

However, Bacchus said that her husband left her paying for a house which they bought. The woman said that she spent some $500,000 on his funeral.

According to the woman, on the day of her husband’s funeral, she and her mother – in – law had arguments at the burial site.

Arrangements are being made to the have the tomb rebuilt.




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