Update: Former National Footballer Peter Lashley crushed to death by truck


By Kurt Campbell

Dead: Peter Lashley
Dead: Peter Lashley

[www.inewsguyana.com] – “I just gave him his porridge, he drank it and left home” that’s all the wife of Former National Footballer and Coach of the Western Tigers, Peter Lashley could say as she arrived at the accident scene where Lashley’s crushed body lay beneath a truck.

The 54 – year – old man who also works at John Fernandes was on his way to work on his motorcycle around 07:00hrs when he made his last turn from Meadow Brook Drive onto Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.

Lashley collided with a truck which was headed in a northern direction. The truck reportedly ran over Lashley, dragging him a few feet before coming to a stop.

According to some eyewitnesses, the driver of the truck which has since been taken into police custody was speeding. Other persons to whom Lashley is known very well said that he was always a careful cyclist who they never thought would be involved in any accident.

“That man does ride slow slow, this truck was speeding” one eyewitness said. accident coach

His inconsolable wife, who arrived on scene moments later could not speak to iNews but would only say “I just gave him his porridge, he drank it and left home.”

Nicholas, one of three sons of lashley told iNews that he last saw his father around 6:30hrs when he left home for work. “I got a call from my aunt all the way in Berbice and she said that she heard peter was involved in an accident to go and see if it’s true and when I come this is what I see,” Nicholas said in tears.accident wife

He described his father as a very humble person who was always involved in football. He said his father’s death is a terrible blow to the family.



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