Suspects in Trevor Rose execution on station bail


[] – Crime Chief Seelall Persaud on Friday (February 14) confirmed to iNews that the two suspects who were sought and later apprehended for questioning in connection to Trevor Rose’s execution have been placed on station bail.

The Crime Chief, who stated that it is against the law to release the names of the suspects, confirmed that the bail was granted earlier this week.

Asked if the police confiscated the passports of the two men who were placed on bail, the Crime Chief responded in the negative stating that it was against the law to do such and stated that it can only be done on the order of the court or if the passports are the subject of an investigation.

The two men were arrested at the weekend by the police and were kept in custody for 72 hours based on the information received by iNews. Asked if the men were able to give any vital information to help in the solving of the case, Persaud would only say that the investigations are continuing.

Last week Persaud told iNews that there was no concrete evidence to suggest that Trevor Rose’s execution was linked to cocaine. He had stated that the police were looking for two suspects and when those persons are found they will be asked certain questions and the police will continue with their investigations from there.

Trevor Rose was gunned down in January while his taxi driver and another female companion were in a car at a traffic light junction at Eccles, East Bank Demerara.



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