Update: Former AG’s Bodyguard arrested for Crum-Ewing’s murder

Courtney Crum-Ewing. [iNews' Photo]

[www.inewsguyana.com] – iNews has been able to confirm that the government employee who was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in connection with the murder of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing, has been identified as Rajput Narine.

Courtney Crum – Ewing during one of his many protests.
Courtney Crum – Ewing during one of his many protests.

Narine is the former bodyguard of Guyana’s former Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall. Following the May 11 general and regional elections, Narine took up employment at the Guyana Revenue Authority.

His arrest follows that of another suspect who was arrested by the police on Friday, July 17. iNews has been reliably informed that Narine allegedly approached the first suspect shortly before Crum – Ewing was gunned down and offered him several million dollars to execute another political activist but that offer was turned down.

Police sources are maintaining that the first suspect is in fact the man who pulled the trigger on Crum – Ewing, who was gunned down on March 10, 2015 at Third Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara while using a bull horn to encourage residents to vote for the APNU+AFC.

It should be noted that Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud recently noted that the Guyana Police Force is investigating a possible political linkage to Crum-Ewing’s death, who was shot five times, including three times to the head at point blank range.

The former GDF Solider had staged a protest for several weeks outside the office of the Attorney General between November and December 2014 calling for his resignation following allegations of corruption and threats to journalists.



  1. Curiosity kill the cat,why you not asking who kill the minister and his family,,you house slave,,,STFU

  2. Mark Benschop? Even former top cop Laurie Lewis told Mark in an interview that there were plots to kill Mark, but Lewis intervened.
    The PPP operated like a true crime syndicate, with Jagdeo as the ‘boss’, Ramotar as the ‘oss’ and everyone else as henchmen and yesmen.
    To think criminal elements will be taking up seats in Parliament is not pleasant.

  3. What is the truth are you saying that Mandlall hired the body guard after the crime? let’s hope you are not the stupid one.

  4. carlton and shaun yor are two down right racist and criminals like your PPP MURDERERS.Face the music and call a spade a spade.They have blood on their hands.They took the lives of over 400 plus black people and now you guys have the gaul to defend those blood hound racist criminals???what a nerve?Almighty has delivered us out of the bondage and the devils will be chastised in hell.We will jail them for life.They did enough to the Guyanese people so they will be paying heavy prices for their sins

  5. I am curious to see who killed Rodney and Father Dark and Shirley Field Ridley. And who gunned down innocent people in Lusignan. That’s the next confession I am waiting for.

  6. Mandlall, you are a liar, you are part and parcel of this crime you are coming up with this bullshit story to cover your ass, and to get those murders off. You better have an air tight proof of your story. Don’t try to sell that story to us the PPP would have done anything to stay the ruling party nothing was too evil.
    The truth will come out nothing that’s done in the dark will remain in the dark, a bright light will shine on all of you some of you have to pay for taking a man’s life. We the people are watching to see how this horrible crime plays out, if the PPP was in office this crime would have gone on unsolved never mind getting to the first stage, like many others. Blood on the hands of the PPP..

  7. what i have learn about Guyanese is that we just have to hear what we believe and we will pic it up and run with it, i wonder how stupid all of you will look when the truth about this “body guard” is reviled

  8. Now what the powerful PPP has to say themselves. They needed to do whatever it took to stay in power. The PPP was threatened by anyone who oppose them in their wrong doings. And took the easy way out by killing people among other forms of wrong doings to stay in power.

    God is good to bring about change let the country be purged of these evil people once and for all. What will they say for themselves?….O their favourite words WITCH HUNTING..!! I am curious to hear who killed the minister Shaw ,his family and his guard. That’s the next confession I am waiting for.


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