Trans Guyana to introduce state of the art airliner to commercial fleet


IMG_9933[] – Trans Guyana is set to introduce the Beechcraft 1900D, which is a state of the art, high flying (25000) FT, fast (285 KNOTS – 528 KMPH), very comfortable passenger aircraft and will be the most advanced of its type operating in Guyana.

A press release noted that the aircraft arrived in Guyana at the Ogle International Airport on Wednesday July 23, at 18:50hrs.IMG_9925

“The Beechcraft 1900D was designed, and is primarily used, as a regional airline and is one of the most popular 19- passenger airliners in history. The Beechcraft 1900D is capable of a range that allows it to fly to regional destinations such as Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua etc. It also has a 6th cabin height that allows passengers to walk through with ease,” the release noted.

Trans Guyana Airways plans to introduce the aircraft for commercial operations in September.



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