Nandlall says he hired ‘unknown’ bodyguard after Crum-Ewing’s murder

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall during the press conference on Thursday, July 23.

By Fareeza Haniff

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall during the press conference on Thursday, July 23.
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall during the press conference on Thursday, July 23.

[] – Mere hours after reports surfaced that his former bodyguard, Rajput Narine was arrested in connection with the gunning down of political activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing, former Attorney General Anil Nandlall has sought to clear his name, telling reporters that he hired Rajput after the March 10 murder.

At a press conference held at the Sleepin Hotel on Brickdam, Georgetown on Thursday, July 23, Nandlall detailed that he met an old acquaintance while in New York on March 12, 2015 where the murder of Crum-Ewing was discussed and where he revealed that he needed to hire a personal bodyguard.

He further noted that the acquaintance referred him to his brother, Narine, whom he said is a former CANU Officer, a licensed firearm holder and someone he [Nandlall] can trust.

Prior to his death, Crum-Ewing protested for several weeks outside the office of the Attorney General between November and December 2014 calling for his resignation following allegations of corruption and threats to journalists.

“I was advised to get security both at my home and body-guards. I contacted the Guyana Police Force and armed security from the Force was provided at my house and I was offered the opportunity to retain a person of my choice as my body-guard. However, on the 12th of March, 2015 I left Guyana to accompany President Donald Ramotar to New York, without doing so,” the former AG noted.

But according to Nandlall, he fired Narine after four days on the job because he was dissatisfied with his service and due to the fact that Narine was giving out his [Nandlall] location to other persons.

Nandlall claims that he met Narine for the first time on March 15, in the presence of his driver who knew him from before.

“I explained to him the task at hand and he was willing to work as my body guard. He informed me that at the time, he was in the employ of the Guyana Revenue Authority and I need to write the Commissioner General and request his secondment. The following day, I did so and he commenced working with me.

“However, after about 4 days, I was dissatisfied with his performance, generally. More importantly, my drivers reported that he was disclosing our whereabouts to persons on his telephone. As a result, I told him that I will no longer require his services and sent him away. I took back a vehicle which was assigned to him as a backup to my vehicle,” Nandlall explained.

He further noted that he then requested from the Commissioner of Police, two members of the Force as his security detail.

“Two officers of the Force were assigned to me. They were recalled when I demitted office. After, I sent away Rajput, I wrote to the Commissioner General so informing him.”

Nandlall made it clear that while Crum-Ewing protested for several months in front of the Ministry of Legal Affairs while I was the sitting Attorney General, he never once interacted or spoke to him.

“Courtney Crum Ewing was shot on the evening of March, 10th 2015, nearly 2 months after he had stopped protesting at the Ministry. At that time, I was speaking at a political public meeting in front of the Kali Mandir at Timehri. Approximately 100 persons were in attendance.”

He denied ever threatening the political activist, who was a former member of the Guyana Defence Force.

“I take this opportunity to deny any involvement whatsoever in that incident and to say that there is obviously an attempt to implicate me and the PPP in this horrendous act as part of a political design. I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.”

The former AG claims that he does not have any knowledge on the personal life of Narine.

Narine is the second suspect to be arrested by the police as investigations continue into Crum-Ewing’s murder. Police believe that Narine is the one who approached the gunman and paid him to execute Crum-Ewing.



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  2. Your comments just shows how ignorant you are of all the facts. Everybody, their mother, and god knows that the members of the PPP/C only care about fulling their pockets.. How in the hell you are going to start giving out jobs when you do not know what kind of dollars you are working with. Maybe that is what you do in your house, go out and buy things that you ain’t got money to pay for. For christ sake is only 2 frigging months and we had to deal with 23 years of the PPP/C stealing pour monies, let the people get the money straight that they inherited from the thieving PPP/C then let them tell the people and the PPP/C see how much it is , then let us go from there.

  3. You all speak of the PPP and the way they handle people! Well lets talk about your honorable David Granger and his past and Hamilton Green (your city mayor and his past) – Did anyone know that Hamiltion Green coordinated Walter Roodney killing? Why do you think this crook Granger and Haroon is trying to close the inquiry panel so quickly? Hamilton Green poison his wife on her birthday and cremated her (even tho she was christian and not hindu) before the day was over! You call these people innocent? Who is going after them? Did the PPP try to Jail him when they took office…..stop wasting tax payers dollars and focus your attention to develop the country than going after the PPP…..makes no sense at all what the APNU is doing….unless they have no sense on how to govern a country and develop the economy… they have to find something to do….

  4. Gary you are equally un-educated! Where is the evidence that the PPP was involved? This man could just be trying to save himself from getting Jail time for a murder he commit. Everyday on the news you read about APNU trying to run back of the PPP exposing their faults! Who cares a rat about the past and the PPP….What have the APNU done for the local people since they enter office…Nothing! They have not created a single job, the have no improve the dollar value by a penny nor did the improve the crime rate…it went from 6% to 12% since they took office! It is only a matter of time before foolish people like you stop making statements based on believes and not facts…..grow up and get a life unless you are one of the APNU appointed thief……

  5. This piece of filth really is stupid enough to think we all believe his BS excuses??? Maybe his moonie-type sheep followers who believe everything they force fed them… Nah, things nah regular with his excuses. If he can openly threaten independent news media he is capable of anything… No politician worth his salt will employ someone straight off the street with no background checks etc. just goes to show how unprofessional and corrupt he is… He will be taken down as he’s already running scared

  6. One sicko YOU ARE showing how stupid he/she is what conspiracy to tarnish the PPP …O are you talking about the truth.? I am surprise you did not use the words “WITCH HUNTING “DEFLECTING AS USUAL….God don’t sleep the facts are out …SHAME…SHAME ON THE PPP. WOULD YOU LIKE IF IT WAS YOUR FAMILY WHO GOT SHOT DOWN LIKE A DOG??

  7. The entire cabal is a pack of criminals, they associate with criminals and killers. Its a shame that these people will be in parliament representing people.

  8. Birds of a feather. The old folks say show me your company etc etc etc. All of these thugs are complicit. They are scattering now rats on a ship. The operative word is RATS!!!

  9. The Town Clerk personal security was a hired murderer, the AG personal security hired murderers. Wow, makes me wonder what about the personal security for the president and prime minister.

  10. Mandal you are a liar you are just protecting your own ass from this horrible crime.. we are not buying it, and trying to get that murderer off. You want Courtney taken care of and you were part and parcel of this crime…I hope you have solid proof of what you are saying. We are not foolish to believe any thing coming from the PPP murders.

  11. And we are supposed to believe this “hog wash?” I hope the lid flies off of this “pandora box” soon, and all of you be taken down, for all the crimes you’ve committed against the Guyanese people over the last 23 years. BASTARDS!

  12. It really bothers me how is it that the PPP executive members and former Ministers always seem to attract seasoned criminals alongside them in critical positions. Is it because the PPP is rural and so is their mentality?


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