Update: Discoloured body of 17 – year – old found

DEAD: Dhanraj Latchman

By Leroy Smith

DEAD: Danraj Latchman
DEAD: Danraj Latchman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – There is now confirmation that the body of 17 – year – old Dhanraj Latchman of 115 Lusignan, East Coast Demerara has been discovered in the Parika Backlands.

iNews had moments ago reported that the teen’s two friends who were in custody over his disappearance confessed to strangling him to death on Wednesday night.

Family members moments ago identified the body of the teen still clad in the clothing that that he left his home with on the fatal day.

His two friends who live a few streets from him in Lusignan took the investigators to the location where they dumped his body after killing him on Wednesday.

Today, the police reportedly found the keys to the man’s car and his cell phone in a house at Lusignan where the suspects reside.

The two men reportedly told investigators that they were forced to strangle the teen after their bid to sell his car failed. They said that they had no other option since they had already told him that they were going to collect money.

They reportedly drove to the Backlands of Parika and murdered the man and then drove the car back to a location along the backdam which is closer to the public road.




  1. My heart goes out to his family.this story is so heartless.the extend to which guyanese go to these days r so ridiculous.u cant trust anyone.my deepest sympathy esp to his mother.may his soul rest in peace and may god take care of tgose filthy bastards.

  2. Sad. Guess they were never really his friends. They should be hanged without a trial. My sympathy to his family especially his mother.

  3. This is so sad while this young man trying to make an honest living they were planning for him this is a cold and well calculated murder I do hope that the people who say that is only one set of people doing crime in this country is taking note. It is our mind not our colour I feel for his mom I do hope that they are found guilty. regardless of race we have to come as one body and find a solution to bring our youths back on tract ; they have lost their way.

  4. This was a plan murder no excuse for murdered this young man.However they were friends the laws of Guyana should see the murders get what they deserve and justice should be serve to his family.I give my deepest sympathy to his family may god comfort them and give them strenght to fight for justice.


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