Lusignan duo confesses to murdering 17 year old

DEAD: Dhanraj Latchman

By Leroy Smith

( ) The body of 17  year old Danrag Latchman is reportedly buried in a shallow grave miles in the Parika Backdam.

Missing: Danrag Latchman
Missing: Danrag Latchman

iNews has just been reliably informed that the two suspects have confessed that they strangled the young man to death on Wednesday night and dumped his body in the back lands.

Today the police reportedly found the keys to the man’s car and his cell phone in a house at Lusignan where the suspects reside.

The two suspects are this moment escorting investigators to the area where they dumped the teen’s body after strangling him.

iNews will provide more information as it becomes available. 



  1. This is indeed innocent boy in his prime had his life snuffed out by two wicked and heartless individuals..our prayers are with his family..u leave or home think in everything will be OK but to think we he predators out there who r just waiting to strike for no reason at all..I still can believe this…

  2. the last day he went on face book was the 6 of june RIP my child i am speech last ,I feel this i have three sons ,and just think when the leave to go out, what can happen ,may god bless your family and god give them comfort everyone can check his wall on face book ,He was full of love .

  3. This is extremely sad. May his soul rest in bhagwan’s abode. To the loved ones, my deepest thoughts and prayers to you all. The the heartless dou, I hope you get what you deserve. Nothing goes unjust.


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