Truancy campaign nabs 24 children in Essequibo


[] – The Department of Education in collaboration with the Region Two Administration on February 6 conducted a truancy campaign between Maria’s Lodge and Riverstown in the south of the Essequibo Coast and found 24 children that were not attending schools.

According to Senior Schools Welfare Officer Haimraj Hamandeo, some of the reasons given for the children not attending school were financial issues, child labour and illness while there were some reports of school drop outs.

The Officer said parents were issued warning letters by the School Welfare Unit which warns of the consequences if they continue to deny their children the right to an education.

Hamandeo said some parents with financial difficulties were advised to visit the Schools’ Welfare Unit for recommendations and help from the Ministry of Social Services.

Additionally, the owner of a Saw Mill was issued a warning letter by the Regional Labour Officer for employing two teenage boys. The Schools Welfare Officer said all the names of the children will be sent to schools in the areas where they reside and checks will be made to ensure they are attending school regularly.

He said two cases were referred to the Child Care Protection Agency for further intervention.



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