Driver remanded to prison for death of Hotel Employee


Hafraz Mangroo was remanded to prison. [iNews' Photo]
Hafraz Mangroo was remanded to prison. [iNews’ Photo]
[]Hafraz Mangroo, the 25 – year – old driver of the vehicle which killed a woman on the Liliendaal Public Road on Wednesday evening (February 5), was slapped with three charges on Friday, February 7 when he appeared before Magistrate Sueann Lovell at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s court.

He was charged with driving an uncertified vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol and causing death by dangerous driving.

For one of the charges he was given a fine of $25,000 or an alternative of three weeks in prison, while for two other charges he was granted $75,000 bail which he could not post and as such, he was remanded to prison.

He is expected to make his next court appearance on March 7. Mangroo was not represented in Court. The court heard that on February 5, he drove motor pick up GMM 4626 in a manner dangerous to the public causing the death of 37 – year – old Lavena Williams-Tull, of Lot 180 Linden Drive, Melanie Damishana.

The prosecutor argued that bail for the offense of causing death by dangerous driving should not be granted owing to several factors. He made reference to the speed the vehicle was going, the distance the victim was flung and the distance the vehicle came to a halt after the accident.

The vehicle which struck down the woman. [iNews' Photo]
The vehicle which struck down the woman. [iNews’ Photo]
The court heard that the woman was flung 50 feet from the point of impact while the vehicle came to a stop in a ditch 400 feet from where he hit the woman and eyewitnesses are available to attest to that.

At the time of her death, Williams – Tull was awaiting transportation to travel home after work.



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