Trotz confirmed as Director of Prisons – Dr .Luncheon

Camp Street Prison


By Kurt Campbell

Camp-Street-Prison[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon announced today that WeltonTrotz has been confirmed as the Director of Prisons.

He claimed that the appointment was confirmed over the last week by President Donald Ramotar. However, when contacted by iNews, Trotz claimed it was the first time he was hearing of his substantiation.

Trotz, who has been acting in the position since the retirement of Dale Erskine in 2013, said he received no correspondence from the President or anyone else.

In this regard he could not offer any comments on the announcement.

Meanwhile, Dr. Luncheon said that Carl Graham has also been confirmed as the substantive Deputy Director of Prisons. Efforts to contact him proved futile.

It was observed that both men are retired Guyana Police Force members. When questioned on how then they were confirmed in these positions when the Prison is a similar public service entity, Dr. Luncheon could not offer any clear explanation.

“I’m not very offay with the subject matter but I suspect they are not retired but it can be easily confirmed,” Luncheon said.

He explained however that “the appointments, if they are being extended to post retirement, then they will have to be contract and not pensionable.”

Trotz did confirm with iNews that he is a retired Police Officer.






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