Trio charged with possession of gun, ammo


Nirroin Bissoondayal [blue shirt] and Arjune Niranjan. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Three men were remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for the unlawful possessions of firearm and ammunition.

Father of two, Ivan Johannis, Nirroin Bissoondayal, 44 of West Coast Berbice and Arjune Niranjan, 52 all pleaded not guilty to a joint charge. It is alleged that on February 10 at Waraputu Backdam, they had in their possessions one 12 gauge shotgun.

In addition to that, Johannis and Bissoondayal denied another joint charge, which alleged that they had in their possession four 12 gauge cartridges.

Representing the trio was Attorney, Jerome Khan who requested reasonable bail, as he stated that his clients are workers of a logging camp and have been there for over three weeks.

Ivan Johannis. [iNews’ Photo]
He told the Court that Johannis is the captain and that the gun is used for protection, since the three men are exposed to the wild. Prosecutor, Michael Grant that on the day in question, police were patrol duty when they stopped and carried out a search on Bissoondayal when they found the four 12 gauges cartridges in his pocket.

Grant said later around 14:00 hrs police were still on patrol duties when they saw Johannis coming out of a boat with a 12 gauge shot gun in hand. A further search of the camp site revealed another four 12 gauge cartridges.

Grant opposed bail on the grounds of the nature, gravity and seriousness of the offence and the penalty attached. Bail was refused and the matter was transferred to Mahdia Court for April 20.