Top Cop launches investigation into alleged rape of male prisoner

Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud
Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud
Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud

[] – Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud has instructed the Police Force to launch an investigation into allegations that a prisoner was allegedly raped by a Detective.

The Top Cop ordered the probe following the publication of an article in the October 22 edition of the Kaieteur News under the caption: “Prisoner claims detective raped him in Station.”

A statement from the Police Force revealed that the Commissioner of Police instructed the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to conduct the investigation.

According to the article, the 36-year-old man came forward with harrowing claims of being forced to have unprotected sex with a police officer in exchange for a case against him being dropped, at the very Police station where the infamous case of Colwyn Harding’s baton rape made headlines in November of 2014.

The article noted that the sexual assault allegedly occurred on Tuesday evening (October 20) at approximately 19:30 hrs in the ablution area of the Timehri Police station.

According to the victim, who lives alone, he attended a barbecue on Saturday evening and as he was going home, he was accosted by his neighbour, who accused him of breaking into his house. He stated that his neighbour also pushed him.

“So I was going to the police station to make a report,” the victim said. “But before I meet, the police collect me at Kuru Kuru (Soesdyke, Linden highway). When I go Timehri (police station), the detectives ask the man how he suspects me (of stealing a TV and break and enter).”

The article noted that According to the man, for three days he languished in the lock ups, depending on food that other inmates and their families shared with him. He said that some time after 19:00hrs on Tuesday night the detective overseeing his case came to him.

“He come to the cell, took me out and said that he wants some information from me and he will send me home. Before that, he took me out and he loose the boy (step son). And he give the boy money to go back home to Berbice.”

“He took me out of the lock up and tell me to give him a deep throat, let me (perform fellatio). I did that and he told me that he wouldn’t carry the matter to court; (that) he will arrest the man that did the crime.”

He said that the detective also sodomized him in the ablution area of the station. He alleged that the detective, when he had finished with the act, told him he had not ejaculated in him.

However, the victim related that after spending the night in considerable pain and discomfort, he was shocked that the next day the detective came to him and woke him up, telling him that he would have to attend court at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.




  1. When I was raped and reported the matter noone cared. They all shunned me, and the police made snide remarks to my face. Insulted me repeatedly, until i gave up in shame. They didnt even humor me. Well no more, I am now willing to speak my mind, and let the world know what happened to me. I am the owner of Nigel’s Pharmacy at Pouderoyen, and I was raped by my male best friend! I am no longer ashamed, I did nothing wrong! Anyone who has had a similar experience and would like to just talk to someone about it can contact me at 264-0018. Or email me at [email protected]. Lets not give up, there is better.

  2. Mother Sally with all due respect please read this article and tell me where this man alleges he was “forced” into the act rather than consented and is now shocked to find that the chargers were not dismissed… it wrong? Absolutely! but lets call it for what it is. There have been interviews done with people who know the ‘victim’ personally that support the claim that he’s actually well known for doing extreme things for money such as agitating his hemorrhoids in an attempt to make them bleed and beg for money. Before we go questioning the president’s alleged lack of action, lets get to the truth of the matter.

  3. Yea pardon all the way ..the next thing is the might just open the gate and let dem walk free out with a warning and a path on d back …all dem bai interested in is d raise of pay ..and was jagdeo own lol

  4. Why is President Granger not doing anything about the putrid state of affairs. This is deeply embarrassing and dehumanising for Guyana’s already sullied image globally. Buggery or sodomy remains an offence under existing colonial era statutes so the perverted cop needs to be charged forthwith. Secondly, Seelall Persaud is a fifth columnist for all intensive purposes and needs to go. Please tell Joe Harmon to fix this matter now.

    Things never get done unless Uncle Joe comes to the fore because word has it that Rumjattan (self appointed rum czar) is deeply afraid of Seelall Persaud and is allowing Seelal and his goons to continue down the same lawless and unaccountable path of violating the rights of citizens, extorting the motoring public with radar traps, bogus charges and renting out the police force’s weapons to career criminals. When will this mercenary mindset in public office come to an end?

  5. This sounds like a madness, the police if true should be jailed for life. Or will he be pardoned like ASP take a bribe,the cocaine free pass crew,is the change of government doing anything for Guyanese HELL NO,,,


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