“Steve must leave”; Rohee ignorant of own departure

PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, leading the protest.

By Jomo Paul

PPP supporters protesting in front of GECOM. [iNews' Photo]
PPP supporters protesting in front of GECOM. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Thursday, October 22 resurrected its protest actions against the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Among other things, the Party is calling for Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally to abdicate his office as the head of GECOM, throwing allegations of rigging the May 11 elections at his feet.

While Dr Surujbally has made it clear he will depart on his own terms, the protest from the PPP has continued. General Secretary Clement Rohee on the protest lines told reporters that the protests will be held from time to time.

“We will continue until our demands are met…this is in keeping with a declared policy by the People’s Progressive Party and we will continue to mount the pressure on Surujbally and GECOM,” said Rohee.

According to the General Secretary, the Party does not have an ad-hominen issue with Dr Surujbally, however there is still the concern over the allegations of rigged elections.

PPP supporters protesting in front of GECOM. [iNews' Photo]
PPP supporters protesting in front of GECOM. [iNews’ Photo]
“Well if you look at the placards, it is not only focusing on Surujbally but it is focusing on the elections in general. Whenever local government elections are held we are going to contest whether Surujbally is there or not. We would be contesting under protest,” said Rohee.

Meanwhile, recent reports have surfaced that there might be some friction between Rohee and Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo with the possibility of the General Secretary being asked to leave.

PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, leading the protest.
PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee, leading the protest.

Rohee was questioned by iNews on this issue to which he feigned ignorance of the matter.

“No, I don’t anything about that…I don’t know anything about that, I don’t know anything about that,” said Rohee.

Asked specifically whether he has any issues with Jagdeo, Rohee gave the same response.

“I don’t know anything on that, I don’t know where that is coming from,” he stated.



  1. You ppl lack understanding, votes did not matter on May 11th, BOOTS that stamp the criminals in ,in 92 KICK them out on may 11, reality check,,,,,,5 yrs and you all will have a chance to waist your time again. PPP not returning to power again,wake up,,,another pack of TICK will suck the nation next elections

  2. Rohee needs to understand that the PPP list fair and square and the international community was here to keep an eye on all the shenanigans that went on before…. Buying votes, Gerry the drug mule pilot taking days to collect ballot boxes from hinterland etc….unfortunately Steve couldn’t rig it for them this time as too many eyes watching… Accept defeat and move on now ….

  3. before steve had turn chairman of gecom he was part of the P.N.C.R under Robert corbin as candidate of that party check back all the list of candidate from 2001 till he became chairman of gecom so to get some power he had to rigged the election so doctor vet please treat your animals with good care because they will get at you someday TIME TO COME TIMES TO CHANGE keep half for you to read and the other half will keep to tell sometimes

  4. in the P.N.C days how many guyanese leaves this country some leaves back track some get visa and waited till the get their green card to see their others families some crying to know that they going and can tell when the will see them back again some of them use to send papers to the u.s. with money inside to says he sell newspapers some of the money use to be back track look around guess .how guyana airways closed down back track when guyanese get caught and chain up from head to toe to come back guyana can remember about a thing called white mouth and berry berry that was the days of the P.N.C 1984 food was hard to get burnham start to ban food .but now you have internet good food better road for georgetown to berbice before you take 5hrs to reach ,now you take 2hrs and better now the bridge makes it shorter time the GOOD GOVERNMENT THAT USED THEIR HEAD TO PUT IT THERE AND NO OTHER GOVERNMENT CAN BUILD THIS LAND P.P.P./C —A.P.N.U/A.F.C SEE ONLY MONEY TO FULL THEIR POCKETS 50% NO SHAME…………. GOD MAN TAKE 5% SHOW THE PEOPLE SOMETHING FIRST THEN TAKE MORE THE YEAR TO COME

  5. Gloriay no political party is entitled to life long governance however with the May 11th elections (National & Regional) there are clear indication that it was rigged to suite this Colation win. In Region 2 the Colation won by 1 vote. There were thousands of spoiled votes in Region 2 hence the PPP/C was denied a recount. This is unheard of in any Democratic country. Why did Surujbally denied this recount???? If the Colation had no fear of supporting a recount hence the outcome then PPP/C Supporters would have no issues with Granger and his team governing this country. Since the PPP/C was denied a recount this Colation is seen as a Defacto Government.

  6. How ironic. The PPPC governed for 23 years and no one protested. Why do they not believe that the voters were disenchanted with them and honestly threw them out of office? Guess that they are of the opinion that they are entitled to life long governance, and that no other party but the PPPC is capable of governing. Such arrogance is reckless and presumptuous.

  7. “Steve must leave”; Rohee ignorant of own departure

    “We will continue until our demands are met…

    Rohee you must always remember your party is PPP and not PNC.

    When PNC say who must go they go. PNC has different groups of people.
    PNC has the pasapasa dancers who who does dance away certain PPP minister.
    PNC have their voodoo women arm who doe wok obea pon PPP people like how they wok pon Janet Jagan.
    PNC got prayer people who does pray away people like how they pray away Gocool Budhoo.
    PPP yall ent gat dat so forget it.

  8. That will be a blessed day for Guyana when “middle finger” Rohee gets fired from the PPP. The next two that should leave are Jagdeo and Irfaan Ali.
    If that happens, the PPP will definitely win the next General Elections.


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