Timehri woman allegedly suffers miscarriage during scuffle with Police


10438220_10203471426323846_7759743731458682057_n[www.inewsguyana.com] –  According to Police at about 14:30hrs on Wednesday (June 04)  ranks from the Timehri Police Station went to the home of Wayne Pitt at Hyde Park, Timehri, to serve a summons for him to attend the Providence Magistrate Court in relation to a child-support matter.

The police had made efforts earlier to serve the summons which was in the name of Wayne De Jonge, which was his name before, and which is the name he was known by to the woman involved in the child-support matter.

However, the ranks were informed by his wife Vanda Thomas-Pitt, whom they met on their arrival, that he was not at home and that the name on the summons was not that of her husband.

“The police subsequently had the document amended and went back on June 04, 2014, to serve it. On their arrival they again met Vanda Thomas-Pitt who took the summons and, on seeing that it had been amended to the name of Wayne Pitt, began to abuse the police ranks and behaved disorderly during which she assaulted Police Sergeant 12870 Moore,” a statement by the Police noted.

Sergeant Moore instructed Woman Constable 21223 Griffith to arrest Thomas-Pitt who at this stage began to take off her clothes and attacked Constable Griffith whose uniform was damaged during the process. Thomas-Pitt was however arrested and taken to the Timehri Police Station where she reported that she had suffered a miscarriage during the incident.

“Vanda Thomas-Pitt was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, Diamond, EBD, where she was medically examined. She had refused to take an ultra-sound test; however, the police were informed by the medical authorities that Vanda Thomas-Pitt had not suffered any miscarriage,” the statement added.

She was then taken back to the Timehri Police Station where she was placed on $10,000 bail and which was paid the following day.  While in custody at the Station, Thomas-Pitt was kept on a bench in the Enquiries Office and not in any lock-ups, police stated. 



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