GMSA aims to promote good environmental management practices



The-Stabroek-Market-In-Georgetown-Guyana-651x439[] – The international business community is being encouraged to pursue green growth and Guyana is no exception. Every type of enterprise across the spectrum, whether micro, medium or large scale, commercial, manufacturing, service or distribution, is required to ‘green’ their operations by improving efficiencies and reducing emissions.

Most businesses in Guyana are required to secure Environmental Authorizations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which imposes obligations for consistent Reporting to the EPA and for Complying with its requirements.

This is in keeping with Guyana’s obligations to contain our carbon footprint. The GMSA has learnt that some business owners have encountered difficulties in adhering to the EPA’s requirements and have faced sanctions as a result.

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) has found that the missteps made were due in the most part to limited knowledge of these requirements.  

As such, the Association has taken the initiative to assist its members and the wider private sector by improving their understanding of the environmental regulatory framework, the process for acquiring Permissions, and the best ways to manage their environments through acceptable practices.

The Association will co-ordinate an Awareness Workshop on Environmental Management and Compliance which will provide participants with the best opportunity to receive information and interact directly with operatives from the regulator, the EPA, along with local environmental specialists.

The half-day Workshop will be held on Wednesday June 25 at the Regency Suites, Hadfield St., Georgetown.   The GMSA is encouraging owners of every type of enterprise, whether it is food production and sale, machinery repairs, goods distribution/sale, or industrial manufacturing, to attend and receive the information they need.   Business owners should contact the GMSA’s Secretariat at 157 Waterloo St., South Cummingsburg or telephone numbers 223-7405 or 223-7406 to secure a place.




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