Three arrested following carjacking in Eccles; Taxi driver shot at


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – At about 21:00 hrs on Friday, May 29 four men hired a taxi driven by Sheldon Anderson at the Stabroek Market to go to Eccles, East Bank Demerara.

At Eccles, the driver was held at gunpoint and his motor vehicle taken away by the men who drove further into Eccles, according to a police report. It was noted that Anderson traced the vehicle, which was subsequently found, but was forced to retreat after rounds were discharged by the men.

Police noted that the men abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene after neighbouring residents came out. Quick response by the police to the report resulted in three of the suspects being arrested. They are in police custody assisting with the investigations.



  1. U must be a moran notice U in caps I stop coming to gt because of the crime U a hole no one got caught before every time you hear somebody get rob in the next line all yuh does read is deh get away police looking for the suspects now deh rass getting caught more power to the police

  2. John please!! He just get a lapee top,donation from Robb st,i hope is not one they thief from a government office, stop lying to yourself and start live 5040, we all need to do our part and work to build a better Guyana,,

  3. You just born? Or you just like to blog crap,,under the last and worse Government the PPP, guyana saw the worse crimes in history,under Forbes we had police walking with baton,under PPP it change to AK47 and its came because crime got out of hand woth Roger Khan,Barrat,Gadraj,and the Phantom Squad. Its the ppp who brought CRIME to the high level its at today,you expect a miricle while you being concived? You are going to shout for a very loud when the BILL pass, nuff of you going to jail, and a lot will do very bad things,,,

  4. Why u don,t put on ur thinking cap and stop the blame game . U think if these bandits stick u up they have time to tell u their political affiliation. Shut u mouth and lets fight crime as a nation.

  5. I’m all for the new President and his Administration and excited about the direction our country is embarking on. You must be or have been one of those menaces.

  6. These crimes must be met with a very harsh and resolute response. If legislation has to be enacted to respond – then the time is now. These crimes of opportunity must stop or at least occur less frequently. The time for harsh penalties is now. These scum and their criminal activities can have a very negative effect on investment. Who in their right mind would want to put their money and more importantly their life at risk?! If these pieces of protoplasmic garbage want free food and a cot then the courts must oblige them. They are a menace to the society. A bunch of lazy good for nothing bums.


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