Gunmen attack businessman; escape with gun, ammo & cash



gun[] – Two gunmen managed to relieve a businessman of his licensed revolver and ammunition during a robbery on Friday, May 29. According to a police report, at about 19:50 hrs, the businessman and a female relative had just returned to their residence in Kitty, Georgetown, when they were held at gunpoint by the two men.

The perpetrators took away the businessman’s licensed revolver and ammunition along with an undisclosed sum of cash and escaped on a motor cycle. A third accomplice, who was holding the motor cycle, escaped on foot.

Investigations are in progress.



  1. do you expect someone to fight back even though the bandits have a gun pointed at you family member.You are ass

  2. One more gun in the hands of criminals, too many guns in the WRONG HANDS,,untrained fools with guns. What you expect,,these guns were given out like hot bread, who gave them out,,,the ??? /c. So Rooti one more put on the streets


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