“Thou shall not steal” – Alleged tablet thief jailed

Glenfort Hart


Glenfort Hart
Glenford Hart

[www.inewsguyana.com] – An 18 – year – old mason was on Thursday jailed for 12 months by
Magistrate Judy Latchman after found he was guilty on a break and enter and larceny charge.
Glenford Hart was convicted for the offence which alleged that between Thursday, July 9 and Friday, July 10 at North Ruimveldt, he broke and entered the dwelling house of Charlotte Elliot and stole one Samsung tablet valued $100,000.
Hart pleaded not guilty to the charge on his first court appearance and was denied a pretrial liberty.
The matter was prosecuted by Police Inspector Vishnu Hunt and the teenager with no prior convictions was unrepresented throughout his trial.
The Magistrate, during her ruling, informed Hart that the Court disbelieved his evidence when he said that he did not steal the gadget.
The Court however acted on the evidence of Charlotte Elliot, which was found to be safe and reliable.
Magistrate Latchman after sentencing the convict warned him not commit this offence again and quoted one of the commandments in the Holy Bible, “Thou shall not steal”.




  1. As long as you are not jagdeo (racism) or westford(fraud) the gpl 28 million dollar guy or a cocaine boss the court will lynch you here in Guyana and if you don’t have a lawyer or cant afford one they take even more pleasure in dispensing this lopsided cockeyed one sided justice against unrepresented defendants. a poor man in Guyanese police custody and court system is as good as dead innocent or not!!

  2. Jail his ass..did he have a rep when he was thiefing….give dem prisoners a buket of train grease to welcome he….ooch

  3. Why was he unrepresented!? Isn’t it said, in legal circles, that “anyone who represent himself in court, has a fool for a client”?! Doesn’t the court appoint a legal representative, if the defendant cannot afford his own representation?!


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