Jagdeo meets World Leaders in New York  


unnamedT0FL6748[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo joined world leaders in New York, as the international community gathered to accelerate preparations towards reaching a historic global climate agreement in Paris in December.

As well as meetings at the United Nations and elsewhere in New York, Mr. Jagdeo attended the Clinton Global Initiative, now in its tenth year under the leadership of former US President Bill Clinton.

At the United Nations, the Opposition Leader emphasised how people from developing countries around the world continued to be united in their desire to provide solutions to climate change.

He noted the immense progress made by countries such as Brazil, which has just set out ambitious climate goals to 2025, building on their remarkable success with the Amazon.

Jagdeo joined former New Zealand Prime Minister and current Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme at the launch of a report by the Center for Global Development.

The report focused on world – leading national global models for low carbon development, and highlighted Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy, and the fact that the Guyana-Norway partnership on forests is the world’s second largest forest payment for performance mechanism, after Brazil’s Amazon Fund.

On November 30, global leaders will gather in Paris to conclude the Paris Agreement. Former President Jagdeo urged developed and developing countries to raise their sights towards an ambitious agreement to stabilise the planet’s climate.




  1. He is not the President so why is he still trying to go on diplomatic forums. When he was in power the APNU/AFC uses to keep in their corner never getting involved in his illegal mess. Now everything the elected Government does the PPP and their bandit party members having something to talk about.

  2. BurnDUMB many off jagdeo own friends and colleagues Do NOT want to be like him,a quick ? Are you in line for a first lady position? I am very proud of Mr Jagdeo doing great in his push for a greenhouse world,but could you tell us how you say 1 thing and cell out half the forest to not india or to Guyanese but to the CHINESE who are destroying the greenhouse we as GUYANESE can and should be cherishing, give him credit when he deserved it.

  3. Jagdeo should marry that superannuated dame with the glasses and take her home to Pradoville 2. She seems to be quite taken with him.

  4. Dr. Jagdeo we applaud you. You are the only one that can represent Guyana on the international scene. Unfortunately we have a bunch of dunces running Guyana. Naga is leading this bunch of dunces.

    Dr. Jagdeo please take this country back.

  5. Keith Williams you hate that great man because you ain’t him! Jagdeo is everything you and all your PNC would never be.

  6. Dr Jagdeo is always reconised for his tireless work and intelligence .He is loved and favored every where he goes.Only the Guyanese racists are ever venomous of his excellence performance.

  7. So these damn stupid world leaders do not know who is the current Government of Guyana. Would they act the same way if the opposition in the US or Australia turned up for a conference.

    The Foreign Minister need to go ballistic on this one, because it seem that the invite was sent to Jagdeo rather than the GOG. These white liberals that we always embrace are repositories of the most intolerant and racist dispositions imaginable. They take us for granted, and believe that they were endowed with some special power and authority from our ancestors to select who should speak on our behalf. What they are exhibiting here is a disdain for the will of the people of Guyana. The fact that they embraced Jagdeo whose hands are red with the blood of hundreds, while screaming about Bashir in Syria and lil Kim in North Korea should have long made us aware that we do not count in their eyes.

  8. Wow mr. Jagdeo! You have shown the world the real Jagdeo, a man of great stature. Granger went to beg while you’re are there to give.


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