There is no Political Crisis in Guyana – PPP

President David Granger and Former President, Donald Ramotar

By Fareeza Haniff

[] – The governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), is of the view that there is no political crisis facing the country. As a matter of fact, General Secretary of Party, Clement Rohee says he is “amused” that this pronouncement was made by the main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.
President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.

At a press conference on Monday, Rohee said, “It is clear that the main opposition party is either suffering from a severe bout of political amnesia or is being deliberately dishonest in seeking to invoke a situation of ‘crisis’ when the facts suggest otherwise.”

The PPP holds the opposing view that the current situation reveals that Guyana’s economic and political bill of health has never been better and “that the country is currently experiencing a period of economic and social progress never before experienced.”

According to Rohee, “Perhaps Mr. Granger may wish to spell out in precise language what in his view constitutes a political ‘crisis’ especially since his statements defy any rational or logical explanation of the term.”

The General Secretary further noted, “Whatever ‘crisis’ exists can only be situated in the psyche of the PNC and the Granger-led APNU and cannot be supported by facts. Our country today is enjoying relative peace and stability and enjoys the full confidence of the international and donor community.”

He went on to explain that Guyana is a proud and respected member of the community of nations and has now become recognized for the several initiatives it has taken at the international level especially in the field of climate change and poverty reduction.




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