Nine months jail for man who stole friend’s clothing


[] – A 29-year-old man, charged with stealing his friend’s clothes and other items was sentenced to nine months imprisonment on Monday, May 19.

9monthsQuincy Holland pleaded guilty to the offence, which noted that between December 15 and 23, 2013 at Celina Resort, Kitty Seawall, Georgetown, he stole a quantity of clothing, boots, slippers and two hammocks, at a total value of 121,000, property of Earl Moriah.

Police Prosecutor, Bharat Mangru told the Court that Holland and the Virtual Complainant (VC) are known to each other for about 18 months. He said on December 15 around 10:00 hrs, the VC left the articles in his room and went to conduct business.

Upon his return on December 23, he discovered they were missing.

Then on May 16, at the Kitty Seawall, the VC saw Holland wearing some of the clothing he stole. Subsequently, a report was made and he was arrested.





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