“The police cruel my son” – Mother of shot teen

Senior Officers meet with the mother of the shot teenager.


By Leroy Smith


Alex Griffith is recovering at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Alex Griffith is recovering at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Police Cadet Officer who is stationed in the Police C Division but was able to travel to the A Division and shoot 15 – year – old Alex Griffith in his mouth on suspicion that he robbed his sister, will soon have criminal charges levelled against him.

This was confirmed by the Police High Command, who visited the mother of the injured teenager on Thursday afternoon (May 1) to offer the Force’s deepest regrets at the unfortunate incident.

iNews (www.inewsguyana.com) was reliably informed that the teen was shot by the police officer, while he was taking the ranks to the location where the suspects in the robbery might have been hiding.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Balram Persaud and A Division Commander, Clifton Hicken publically expressed the disapproval by the Guyana Police Force with respect to the shooting incident.

Persaud told the media that the matter is already engaging the Criminal Investigations Department and the Office of Professional Responsibility. Asked about the presence of the police rank in the A Division when he is presently serving C Division, Persaud said that it has to be investigated.

He was however quick to point out that the Police Force has a policy which states that no officer should get involved in a police matter which concerns their relatives.

Senior Officers meet with the mother of the shot teenager.
Senior Officers meet with the mother of the shot teenager.

He also told reporters that the based on the initial checks, there was nothing to prove that the embattled Cadet Officer had any business in A Division.

Commander Clifton Hicken told the mother of the young teen that the matter would be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice as early as Tuesday of next week.

Hicken assured that the efforts to reduce such excesses within the Force is ongoing and all ranks who fail to conform to the new approach which is being adopted to deal with the public will have to face the consequences.

Meanwhile, the mother of the teen, Marcel Griffith in recalling to the police top brass what transpired, stated that her son was kicked, stamped on and beaten about his body before being shot by the Cadet Officer.

She said the Cadet Officer threatened the teenager even as he was being cautioned by other ranks on the patrol that the teenager should be released from their custody.

The mother said, “the police cruel my son.” According to her, several persons informed the patrol that her son was at a neighbour’s house in East La Penitence watching television at the time of the robbery.

The home owner confirmed the claims of the child’s mother. According to residents in the area, after the young lady was robbed, she approached the teenager and asked him which direction the robbers ran since they had sprayed something in her eyes and impaired her vision.

When she was told that no one saw anything, the woman allegedly responded, “Oh yall ain’t know where they gone, they gone dead tonight.”

Residents said shortly after, a “jeep load” of police arrived in the area and went directly to Griffith’s home.




  1. To Alex Griffith, son God give you a second chance! Please turn to Jesus give your life to Him, stay out of the wrong crowd. accept Jesus as you personal Savior and start serving Him. Mrs. Marcel Griffith give God the glory that your son is alive today, make sure he walk in that narrow way, meaning let him give his life to God who give him a second chance. God bless you all.
    From Toronto Canada.

    Reverend Harris

  2. Its time police realize that no one is guilty unless proven so. Some of these police men believe that they are the judge ,jury and hang man .They are a disgrace to the force.That police officer should spend at least ten years in prison if found guilty.


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