Labourer stabbed to death for littering

Lawson's lifeless body.


By Kurt Campbell

Lawson's lifeless body.
Lawson’s lifeless body.

[] – A man was stabbed several times about his body and left to die along Quamina Street, Georgetown on Thursday night (May 1).

He has been identified as Nigel Lawson and is said to be in his 40s. iNews ( was informed by an eyewitness that the now dead man was involved in a heated argument with another man over the dumping of garbage when he was stabbed.

“I sit down right here and hear the man telling him pick up that bag from there, and the big noise and like he try to cross the road and the man on the bicycle ride up to him and stab him,” the eyewitness related.

Lawson lived along Camp Street and would do odd jobs for persons in the area. His attacker was only identified as a Guard, who allegedly rode behind Lawson for a while before finally stabbing him. The perpetrator has since been taken into police custody.

Lawson’s death came as a shock to family members, some of whom were inconsolable at the scene of the crime. He leaves to mourn a 14 – year – old daughter and a wife, both of who resides in neighboring Venezuela.

A police investigation is underway.



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