Teen shot in mouth: OPR completes investigation; File now at Police Complaints Authority

Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews' Photo]



Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews' Photo]
Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Police Office of Professional Responsibility has completed their investigations into the matter involving 15-year-old Alex Griffith who was shot in his mouth by a policeman.

The file was forwarded to the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Cecil Kennard today (Tuesday May 13).

Today marks 13 days since Police Cadet Franze Paul shot Griffith in his mouth on April 30. He is yet to be charged.

The delay in charging the Officer has resulted in several Human Rights organizations and political Parties speaking out on the issue and urging that the Top Cop break his silence on the matter.

The teen’s mother, Marcel Griffith had also expressed disappointment with the manner in which the investigations are progressing.

The shot teen was allegedly dragged from his mother’s East La Penitence home on the night of April 30 and shot in the mouth by Cadet Franze Paul who claimed that the teen had witnessed the robbery of his female relative.

Only yesterday, the Guyana Human Rights Association said the abject failure to lay charges both criminal and departmental against all of the officers involved in the incident is a major set-back for those hoping that the new leadership of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) intends to pursue more robust action against errant police officers than their predecessors.

Also, Former Commissioner of Police Winston Felix has castigated the Guyana Police Force for what he says is an upsurge in wayward shootings.

Felix, speaking to the media on Monday, May 12 said the hierarchy of the force, particularly recently appointed (ag) Top Cop Seelall Persaud, has lost a golden opportunity by failing to speak out on these issues.

Calls have been mounted from all corners of society for there both criminal and departmental charges lay against the officer and his accomplices and the delay in doing so has certainly increased the speculation of a cover afoot.



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