Teacher/Student in police custody following altercation



By Leroy Smith

illegal[www.inewsguyana.com] – A male teacher and one of his male students are presently in police custody as the police investigate a case of assault, which took place today, Tuesday, December 02 at the Xenon Academy, Grove East Bank Demerara.

iNews has been informed that the male student, who was suspended from school for misbehaving was instructed to return to the school with his parents or guardian but failed to do so.

The student nevertheless showed up and attempted to enter the classroom when the male teacher cautioned him and enquired about the whereabouts of parents or guardian.

The student was nevertheless adamant that he should enter the classroom and the while being cautioned, he reportedly told the teacher that “somebody gon brush you up”

The teacher took the words of the student as a threat and attempted to take him to the Grove Police Station which is located a short distance away.

Sources claim that the student resisted even as the teacher attempted to overpower him to take him to the Police Station.

The matter is currently being investigated.



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