Rights group call for justice in alleged police beating, Magistrate Moore’s actions

Rahim's wife and children protesting in front of the Leonora Police Station. [iNews' Photo]
Dead: Asif Rahim
Dead: Asif Rahim

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has taken note of the death of Asif Rahim following an alleged beating while in custody at the Leonora Police Station, West Coast Demerara.

The IAC in a statement noted, “It would be difficult to fathom the tremendous challenges Mr. Rahim’s wife and his four children would now endure following his tragic demise.”

In addition to the death of Mr. Rahim, the IAC says it is also concerned with the impropriety perpetrated against Ms. Seerojanie Singh allegedly by Magistrate Alex Moore during the hearing of a case at the Sparendaam Court. Ms. Singh made known publicly the indignity she allegedly suffered during that case hearing.

“The IAC forthrightly condemns these acts allegedly perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect against such actions. It therefore becomes worrisome when those tasked with such responsibility would allegedly indulge in such inhumane behaviour. This can only lead to an intensification of the erosion of trust in some who are so charged with the responsibility to protect and serve”, the Indian rights group pointed out.

Further, the IAC says it “remains adamant that the right to due process by every citizen must be observed by those entrusted with such responsibility and calls on civil society to emphasise same”.



  1. Have they not been speaking out on Police brutality and the so many other injustices and atrocities taking place in this country…? You see Police Brutality predominantly affects so called black people in Guyana so now there is an exception that you cannot comprehend and you now think that these groups (which you perceive to be run by black people) are not speaking out?

    You want us to represent your cause? Well we have been representing the cause of Humanity (including yours) for years in Guyana and the World over but you have not realize this. You turn around and hate and despise us and expect us to support you at the same time.

    When it comes to freedom, justice and equality just look who are mostly at the forefront advocating, protesting, lobbying….. How there you now say that we are silent! We are an extremely vocal people and will tell you as is and call a spade a spade. Now ask yourself if you would speak up against a corrupt government, your corrupt government.

    I will tell you who are extremely silent in the face of mismanagement, corruption, cronyism and inequality practiced by the PPP Government. PPP supporters are, including you and Freddie’s article the other day perfectly explains why.


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