Taxi Drivers charged with murder of Multiplex Mall owner

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By Leroy Smith

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[] – Fazeel Bacchus and Lennox Roberts have been remanded to prison by Magistrate Ann McLennan until August 03, 2015, for the murder of businessman, Ganesh Ramlall, known as ‘Boyo.’

Bacchus, 21, a Taxi Driver and Roberts, 32, also a Taxi Driver were not required to plead to the indictable charge which read that on July 05, they murdered Ramlall, who is the owner of Regent Multiplex Mall, during the course of a robbery at his La Jalousie home, West Coast Demerara.

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall
Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

Bacchus was unrepresented while Roberts secured legal representation, who informed the Court that Roberts needs to seek medical attention since he was urinating blood.

The lawyer alleged that his client was tortured by two police ranks while he was in custody. Reports in the media indicated that the alleged mastermind is Bacchus of Corneila Ida, West Coast Demerara and he has reportedly admitted to taking some of the gunmen to and from the scene of the killing. He had lost the rear bumper of his vehicle while fleeing the scene.



  1. According to previous reports Lennox Roberts had an extensive criminal history; this tells a lot about his ego and personality.So one can conclude it’s not credible when he claimed Fazeel Bacchus is the mastermind. Tell us more about Bacchus history. In addition, It’s interesting to learn from police interrogation that Bacchus revealed that criminal elements went to his home twice, warning him not to snitch. Could it be Bacchus was coerce, if he was involve in the actual crime. I know there are a lot of pressure to solve this one.

  2. For taking a business man life both drivers should get the death penalty a business man who provide jobs to the poor people of guyana what a shameful situation to watch online and read in the USA

  3. One more back bench criminal exposed F bacchus, this has been going on for ages,they coming to front now and they getting caught,many ppl thought only one nation was thief. The mastermind behind many crimes committed on indo families were orchestrated by these silent and deadly crabs,,,hang them ,,,,,

  4. What u waiting for hang them don’t. Bull shit and say they deserve a fair trial because that business man didn’t have one.

  5. I hope Roberts gets good medical treatment which would allow him to stand trial for taking Ramlall’s life which give a long time behind bars to pay for his deeds.


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