Economic slowdown contributing to increase in crime – iNews Poll


regent-street[] – An online poll conducted by iNews Guyana shows that people are of the view that the economic slowdown has contributed to the current spate of crimes that has grappled Guyana.

The poll asked persons whether they “think that the slowdown in the economy is contributing to the increase in criminal activities?”

More than half – 60.1% – of the respondents replied in the affirmative while a meagre 35.6% of them responded in the negative. Another 4.2% of persons stated that they were undecided as to whether the two factors are linked.

At the end of June 2015, the Guyana Police Force recorded a 9% increase in serious crimes in comparison to the same period in 2014, according to statistics released by the Force on July 11.

Among the serious crimes policed by the Force are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape, and kidnapping.

According to the statistics, a total of 79 murders were recorded at the end of June 2015 in comparison to 69 murders at the end of June 2014, which is an increase of 14%.

Meanwhile, some members of the private sector and politicians have complained that Guyana is headed for a recession; these statements were however dismissed by Business Minister Dominic Gaskin.



  1. Meanwhile, some members of the private sector and politicians have complained that Guyana is headed for a recession; these statements were however dismissed by Business Minister Dominic Gaskin.
    Read what was said, he never mentioned anything about economic slowdown, but dismissed the fact that Guyana is headed for a recession.

  2. Which paper or news are you reading or listening to majeed. Did your racist ass see who was arrested and charged with the murder of Boyo . Who planned his demise. Just in case you didn’t know an Indian like him along with an Afro Guyanese. The majority of the crime committed in the Courentyne- Indians. When will you and people like you drop this racist bull #@%#. Crime has nothing to do with race or ethniciy. Part of the problem is the underground economy is no longer as vibrant as it has been. The big time drug dealers and their little dealers are finding it difficult to do business since the change of government. Note the increase arrests seizures and discovery of major loads. These funds have dried up hence the criminals finding news streams of finance. Killing and robbing. They are no longer able to conduct business as usual. If possible be fair crimes are bring committed by young men of both races. Indian and Afro Guyanese.

  3. We are at the tip of the iceberg and all roads lead to a recession of the Guyanese economy. Guyanese need to brace for serious economic issues in the coming months and possibly years.

  4. BTW, a recession is when you have three to six consecutive months of negative economic growth. If there was a slow down, then when did it start? Do businesses know? Was it because they expected the corrupt PPP regime to be booted and the AML Bill with TEETH will be passed, thereby going after businesses that serve as fronts for money laundering?

  5. If the down turn in the economy is associated with the upsurge in crimes, then something is radically wrong with Guyana and Guyanese, because the down turn started after the May 11 elections, which was 11 weeks ago, so how can there be an upsurge in crimes in the space of 11 weeks because of a change of government?
    The only answer I can give is that the PPP ran a criminally corrupt government in which criminal activities passed for business activities in the business community, so when the PPP was voted out of office and the new government took over, there arose uncertainty of how the criminal underworld would continue to function in the business world. In sort, there is a direct link between criminality and the PPP! Figure it out.
    And I still do not buy the reasoning that Multiplex owner Boyo Ramlall was the target of a robbery gone bad, or else one bullet would have been enough instead of six. Reminds me of six bullets pumped into Courtney Crum-Ewing: three to the head and three to the chest. The aim was to ensure he was dead, dead, dead! Same thing with Boyo: Make sure he is dead!
    Did he contribute to the APNU+AFC campaign?

  6. The current crime level has little to do with the economy given the the fact that the criminals in 99.99999 % of cases are from one ethnic group whereas the victims who are continually being murdered ,mained, their familes destroyed are from another ethnic group. In an economic slowdown, the rural and hinterland citizens fare worst since there are lesser access to means of empowerment , yet we do not see gangs of Amerindian young men or East Indian young men running around with guns , maining and killling others . The crimes situation is a product of racial hatred. Criminals do not kill others out of love.

  7. What does Gaskin know? He has no clue. He only has the job because he is Granger’s son in law.

    Look around, there is an economic slowdown. Look around. There is an increase in crime. Look around. The Granger gang has embarked on a witch hunt of PPP supporters.

  8. Economic slow has nothing to do with the crimes carried out by one or two organized gangs. These thugs seized the opportunity of the change over of the government to commit there vicious crimes, knowing well that at that time there would have been a lack of communication among certain entities and forces.
    The 60.1 percent that voted in that direction, are simply using that as an excuse, they should be more vigilant and brave. Speak up and help fight the organized crime. The only way for a better life.

  9. Oh and who said that the economy has slowed down??? well if this economy is said to be slow now.Then what has it been before.You guys at Inews must be joking.Apparently if people can’t get their hands on public funds and get fancy concession from their friends for themselves and they finally have to pay like the rest of the population.The economy is suddenly bad.News flash for the rest of Guyanese who didn’t have the likes of Jagdeo and Nandalall as friends or had any connections,THE ECONOMY HAS ALWAYS BEEN BAADDDD !!!!!!!!

  10. So wait just because people think this, means that it is so.Come on I News are you guys serious that’s not how you conduct Polls unless it’s an opinion poll and by reading the Title of this article “Economic slowdown contributing to increase in crime – iNews Poll”, Its seems as though Poll was meant to determine if the two are linked,and so you have concluded that they are, by walking around and asking persons if they think so?Hmmm really!!!

  11. minister gaskin will not see that and even if someone tell him he would say it a lie the world had a recession and guyana did not feel it that much but it look like we getting the after shock it took a long time to come.


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