Taxi driver killed in early morning accident

The wrecked car following the accident
The wrecked car following the accident
The wrecked car following the accident

[] – An accident at Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice has left Taxi Driver, Kester Reddock dead. Information reaching iNews revealed that the accident occurred at approximately 5:00hrs on Tuesday, April 28 when Reddock slammed into a parked truck.

According to reports, Reddock was heading to his Main Street, Hopetown Village, home when the accident occurred. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. [Fareeza Haniff]



  1. R.I.P Kester. I think that throne trucks that are parked on the road side in Bush Lot need to be removed, it was a few weeks ago there was a another accident there where a car run under a park truck there and three occupants died and nothing has been done with the truck or the owners, something must be done, I’m sorry to say its facts

  2. SPEED THRILLS AND KILLS!!!!!! But they will continue to get that adrenalin pumping at maximum and just go for it. Is this a lesson for others? Quite frankly, it doesn’t appear to be so as the speeding and killings continue on the roads which are not designed for the rate at which some motorists drive in Guyana.


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