Taxi Driver jailed for abusing wife

Delon Logan. [iNews' Photo]

Delon Logan. [iNews' Photo]
Delon Logan. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A taxi driver of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown was sentenced to one month imprisonment by City Magistrate Annette Singh for assaulting his reputed wife.

Delon Logan, 25, admitted to the court that on April 21, at Sun Flower Taxi Service, South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown, he unlawfully assaulted Umadai Narine.

According to the prosecution, the couple was arguing since Logan was convinced that his wife was cheating on him. He became annoyed and dealt her two slaps, attempted to throw her over the veranda and asked her if she wanted to die. She became fearful and reported the matter to the Police. The court was also informed that Logan is a regular abuser.

In his defense, Logan told the court that he was very hurt since his wife was lying to him. He added he held onto her hand and when she resisted he “thumped” her.

The unrepresented man asserted he was only expressing himself and it was not anything serious. In addition to his jail sentence, the Magistrate also ordered that he undergo counseling.




  1. Green you were on Demwaves talking about the pnc links to Buxton criminals, could you say who roger khan had links to. He used the same criminals to murder the minister, and the medical criminal arrested for selling AKs and all the ammo he link to who? Ask your COP to publish fine man diary.and the story of Buxton will be told.

  2. All this guy had to do was say SORRY, the PeePeePee PIG did it,,the pig in high office is a fine example. We talk about women of indo nature being stripped in the streets by tugs, now look who is the tug,,

  3. Why is there a deafening silence from Ramotar, on Minister Bheri’s attack on the female activist?

  4. Green why would you say something like that in your comment. Your saying it’s ok for a man to hit your sister or mom? What about your daughter? Yes women some times don’t know when to drop it,but you just walk away. Just think about someone beating your love one.

  5. bana when u come out jail u better not hitch up wid sherline nageer if nat she will nag u to death like how she nag nag nag de ppp doctor lol..oh so u felt hurt by what her actions…so u thumped should have been me doing the sentencing..


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