Suspected gunman trade bullets with police during robbery attempt


Police[] – Suspected gunman, 32 – year – old Quacy McPherson of Plaisance Squatting Area, East Coast Demerara is currently under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was shot in the head and foot by police ranks today, when he attempted to rob a female vendor at the Plaisance Market.

According to the police, 51 – year – old Hardai Rodrigues of Martyrs’ Ville, East Coast Demerara, was attacked by McPherson, who was armed with a firearm,

Rodrigues put up a resistance during which she was struck to her head by her attacker.

Ranks of a mobile police anti-crime patrol arrived in the area at the same time and responded during which the suspect opened fire on the ranks.

The police returned fire hitting him to the head and left foot. An unlicensed .38 revolver with three rounds and a spent shell was recovered by the police.



  1. If judgement was to pass on us according to our thoughts and words, a lot of us didn’t deserve to live. The amount ‘a cussing out wha does pass’ alone tells a lot about us.

  2. SWille…if its unjust..and the root cause crap u talking about then quit while u ahead..u have to judge a criminal by his criminal action..i bet if he came to rob you your tune would be different..i bet if u had a high power weapon u would blow his god darn brains out..if you think they are treated unjustly then you get three jobs and give then all they need…i dont support any political party like you said..i dont condone criminality like you do..yall does talk for one reason only..its the name and ethnic one that is causing you some strain..i dont feel your pain since criminal is criminal..go look for he now and help is not the place for u to help he by cussing and cussing out others

  3. Is people like you and the gov’t who treat people unjustly causing people to become criminals. You don’t judge people because you don’t know why they became who they are. Sometimes its the unjust society that we live in cause them to be that way. We can clearly see that in the way those in authority make wrong seem right and right seem wrong. And many of us shamelessly support. That shows how dumb some of us are. That is why I would never support any political party because when you vote for them you only giving them power to oppress poor people and put themselves right.

  4. police not doing their job…police should have finished he off on de spot..if he family cant pay funeral expenses for sure taxpayers would fill in..would be one less parasite with gun out of the face of innocent people.


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