Guyana Gov’t says it has never been accused of intimidating Journalists


[] – The Guyana Government in a statement on Sunday has reminded that from its assumption of office in October, 1992, it has always recognised, embraced, cherished and actively promoted press freedom in all its forms and facets and continues to regard this freedom as a fundamental right which is

President Donald Ramotar and Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill interacts with members of the media after the press conference.
President Donald Ramotar and Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill interacts with members of the media after the press conference.

enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana.

“We view freedom of the press as the cornerstone of our democracy,” the government said in its statement; adding that prior to its assumption to office, freedom of the press and free expression as a whole was denied to the citizenry.

“We have worked tirelessly over the years to create an atmosphere which is conducive to an environment where freedom of thought, expression and freedom of the press can flourish,” the statement added.

Government’s statement follows recent criticism after a conversation between its Attorney General and a Senior Journalist went public, which many have agreed contains violent threat against the local daily – Kaieteur News.

The Government has responded saying it does not muzzle or interfere with any of the local press outfits. “Journalists attached to these media entities have equal and ready access to all members of government and indeed, to every public officer.”

According to the administration, it has never been accused of intimidating or has in any manner intimidated journalists or compromised their ability and capacity to report freely and fairly.

But the administration feels that, Regrettably, the Kaieteur News has been engaged in an unwavering and institutionalised policy of journalism, lacking in professional and ethical tenets, but steeped in fabrications, distortions, character assassination and homophobia.

“The prime targets have been the Government, Government Ministers, senior functionaries of the State, sections of the business community, religious organisations, sections of the labour movement and sections of the civil society supportive of the government and indeed anyone with whom the newspaper publisher has a personal grievance,” the statement noted; adding that “Headlines are frequently enlarged and inaccurately sensationalised to scandalise issues and persons and are often times, not borne out by the stories to which they relate, even as distorted and inaccurate as those stories themselves are.”

The government said that attempts by those aggrieved by offensive publications to solicit apologies, retractions or clarifications are met with further abuse and sometimes with greater intensity in subsequent publications.

“The Government of Guyana cannot and will not sanction a Press being unleashed in this manner on the populace. All are equal before and must operate within the confines of the law and the norms of civil society.”

The administration reiterated its commitment to freedom of the press and says it will continue to ensure that the safest environment is created for all journalists and all media practitioners to operate without fear or any form of intimidation or danger.



  1. emile type the AG death threat here..if u cant then u r the largest PNC dumbell there is but hey look hu is your founding father no other than Bunom

  2. If you have never been accused, well we accusing you now, so there u go you have been accused of intimidating the press PPP/C

  3. Ramotar keeps harping about Kaieteur News reportage, but nothing about the AGs death threats. He can continue living in denial and his fool’s paradise, everybody knows better and will do better.

  4. Whenever the shyt hits the fan this government goes into a denial frame, for 22 years the have done absolutely nothing wrong for the media to be on high blast about them, they (government) officials are all pastors and preachers, “THE RICH ONES”, some of which save their money since Noah built the ark

  5. when journalists and owners of media opinion become the news then u know where the country is heading…those who want absolute power will do and say anything to get that absolute power…for example..lets take the mooklall from starting with his little tiny bora stand at de market..take a very serious look at what he owns today..does anyone think that selling bora can bring u to be one of the richest men in the country? for me…it does not matter how a person get rich..i say the good lord bless em…but what i have a problem with is that you dont call me a thief on a daily basis without a shred of proof…u r bound to know i will figh back and when i fight back i will expose you for whom u truly are and i will tell the world how u got filthy rich…some members of PPP circle knows excatly how the Mookster got filthy rich but they have to remain silent because if they scream the Mookster will bring them down with him..
    The Mookster had to have something terrible recorded against PNC JamesBond so as to shut him up as soon the PNC lawyer spoke against the Mookster..


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