Suspected gunman shot dead, police rank injured during SWAT team operation


Swat-Team-[] – One suspected gunman has been shot dead and another injured during a SWAT Team operation in the wee hours of Tuesday, July 14.

 Police press release detailed that the Force cooperated with a concerned citizen and was able to track several persons wanted for the murders of businessman Ganesh Ramlall at La Jalousie, WCD, and Travis  Rudder at Nandy Park, EBD, and the armed  robbery on Judge Nicole Pierre and her husband Mohammed Chand at their home at Felicity, ECD, to a house at Craig, EBD.

Police stated that at about 02:00hrs on Tuesday the SWAT Team was deployed along with Detectives to make the arrests.

According to the police release, police ranks came under fire during which a Constable was shot to his right thigh.

The injured Constable and other ranks returned fire fatally wounding one suspect and another suspect was shot and injured to his abdomen.

Seven other male suspects who were in the building have been arrested and are in police custody.

 A 9mm. Glock pistol with two magazines and 25 matching rounds has been recovered by the police, along with two wrist watches that are suspected to have been stolen.

Further a number of 9mm. spent shells were also recovered at the scene.

The shot man is currently under police guard at the GPHC while the injured police rank has been hospitalised.



  1. Good. Work by the law men but one mistake u guy should take out the rest u only need one for interrogation hope ramjattan does not say the police used excessive force well done and good luck to force.

  2. Something seems to be happening. Let the criminals know that the arm of the law is infinite and that there will be no place to hide. If they have weapons, they will shoot so the officers must take the initiative; shoot first then ask questions if they are still alive later.

  3. Shawn hinds and the child killer that donald duck pardon will drape them criminals with the flag from Robb street,BIRDS OF Feather Flock together,,,right JAI!!!

  4. maha…give credit when its due…..that ding bat roheeis so incompetent, that in my days when i wore the uniform, he cold not pass the test to be a recruit. he should keep his mouth shut….way to go swatt…keep it up!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Jesus get these bad people put them behind bars for a very long time, and if they die no flag draping coffin for them, they main purpose was to bring horror to the business community and decant working law abiding people.

  6. I love what is happying get rade of them this should happen a long time , I would like to say if Guyana should a get helicopter to track down also , just like the US

  7. Why dont you STFU,,you cockroach,,,Congrats to the team in BLUE,,,keep up the great work,,,its jackass like Mahajackass that had Guyana the way it was,the same Hunt you and many like you BEG and sell your sole to get a VISA,,,if you stop having your ass exposed and do something meaningful you could stop being a CUTE BI??H,for the Peepeepee

  8. good job these policemen deserve good salaries they risks their lives for fellow citizens,

  9. Nice work SWAT- keep swatting their behinds to hell. The more of them off the face of the earth the more hardworking honest citizens will live.

  10. We are finally see some sort of initiative by the new administration to curb this crime surge in Guyana ..of late late Citizens were begging to speak of incompetence.What the Guyana Police Force need is a reliable intelligence network of Informants on the streets ..a budget should provide for that as we did in the 70s..And most important as a protection of the it ranks country publicly discloses the identity and faces of the ranks in their “Impact”..or “Swat” Team ..Could someone please relate that to the incompetent Commissioner of Police and Crime Chief..Those same ranks have to live in the Community and that’s endangering their lives..Most members of the security forces wear a mask to conceal their identity and effectiveness..

  11. Bravo GPF.Now use this lot to gather further intelligence on where the guns and leadership are.These are brutal gunmen, but you will have to keep hunting until you reach the top level of thecrime families.Let Armageddon decend on them, no quarter given! Good hunting.!

  12. Nice work police, my only problem how is it that you guys already know that this is the group linked to all those murders robberies etc.


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