Clerk robbed of millions in New Amsterdam


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Motorcycle bandits on Monday, July 13 carted off with millions from a popular New Amsterdam business clerk whilst she was on her way to the bank to deposit the cash.

According to information reaching iNews, a lone gunman approached the clerk attached to A. Ally and Sons General store, as she was about to walk over to the New Amsterdam Branch of Republic Bank and attempted to grab the bag containing the cash. The clerk reportedly screamed and the gunman released a round into the air, silencing her.

She however handed over the bag containing over G$3 million and approximately US$2,500. The gunman then escaped on a waiting motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the owners of the business are hoping that they would be able to catch the robbers with the assistance of surveillance cameras that are in the area. A. Ally and Sons is a popular business entity with chain stores across Berbice and Demerara.



  1. So sorry for all that’s going on in Guyana. When calls are made to 911, no one answered the telephone at the station. How sad is that? Guyana is so scary, I just feel so sorry, very sad.

  2. Those people work so hard for that money and it gone just like that .
    We are still waiting on the super plan to combat crime.
    All we hearing is , give the government a chance .

  3. Inside Freedom ouse!!they thief for 23 yrs,,they want more,,Cockroach, this ass got to be barrat bit??,,,

  4. This is clearly a set-up pressure the clerk and you would know that she in on this. Ha ha this is so obvious for many reasons. Wickedness on display here. The clerk is in on this, come on now police do the right investigation.

  5. This is the change the people asked for. the minister of security is busy stressing over Jagdeo not being able to get what benefits instead of working on preventing crimes. of recent we have seen an increase in crimes but this new govt dont see that as a priority. Ramjattan busy with 2am curfew and not looking at the crime. i wonder how many drunk bandits he know of, put more police to hold the drunk drivers. i guess this is the change the APNU AFC govt is giving the people.


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