Suspect confesses to murder of Plaisance Granny

Dead: Ann Mendonca


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Ann Mendonca
Dead: Ann Mendonca

[] – The police on the East Coast of Demerara were able to apprehend their prime suspect in the murder of 57 – year – old Jennifer Ann Mendonca.

iNews was reliably informed that the man allegedly confessed to killing the woman and making off with several items from her home on August 1.

iNews understands that the team of investigators who recently graduated from a Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) training course, staked out a particular location based on intelligence received and were able to apprehend the man.

Using their interviewing techniques and other training methods from the training sessions, the police were able to make the suspect comfortable in relating to them his motive for committing the crime.

According to information received, the man is known to the now dead woman, as he frequented the house and performed various chores for her.

The 57 – year – old woman was found dead in her bed, hands and feet bound, her mouth duct taped and a pillow covering her face. She lived with her son.



  1. fbi training? look out …too easy…they will soon cry torture ….police beat the crap out of me to make me confess to a crime i didnt do..i couldnt teck de blows from police suh i tell dem what dem want to hear..police threaten me wid a baton..when ah see dat size of baton they threatened to shove up meh i know it would kill meh suh i tell dem what dem want to hear..magistrate will then send the convict for a medical…then the political lawyer nigel hughes will sue for one billion tax dollars


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