Suspect confesses to killing Mahaicony man

Dead: Alvy Richmond


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Alvy Richmond
Dead: Alvy Richmond

[] – Travis James, the main suspect in the stabbing to death of 52 – year – old Alvy Richmond has confessed to the police that he murdered his girlfriend’s brother with the use of a knife during an argument at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara on Monday evening [July 21].

iNews has been informed that the man told investigators that he became enraged when the deceased forced him to leave the premises and to never return.

Police sources also confirmed that the man was deported from Barbados after he spent three months in jail for drug possession.

On Monday afternoon, James and Richmond had an argument over space in the washroom when James became overly aggressive and stabbed Richmond to the chest to which he later succumbed.

After committing the act the man made a dash for freedom but was apprehended by persons in the area. Residents told iNews that the suspect is known to be a “hot head” and would usually get into arguments with persons in the community.




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