Some PNCR members fail to uplift Party Cards for Congress



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

General Secretary of PNC, Oscar Clarke (second from right) along with other PNCR members. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of PNC, Oscar Clarke (second from right) along with other PNCR members. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Concerns continue to linger about entrance into the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) upcoming congress by some groups since a significant number of members are yet to submit the necessary requirements to receive the updated cards that comes with a photo.

General Secretary of the PNCR, Oscar Clarke told reporters at a press conference yesterday that groups from the interior have submitted and uplifted their cards, however, some groups in close proximity to Congress Place in Georgetown, are yet to submit or even uplift their cards.

“Most of the delegates in region 9 their cards are up to date and ready and when they come to congress they will be able to get their cards.”

Clarke explained that the new application forms for persons to apply for the upgraded cards were distributed to members and provisions were made to facilitate the process.

“Many of them have not submitted all of the information that is required and many have not submitted the photography and for that reason there has been a delay in the production of cards for people who have applied,” Clarke explained.

He could not say the amount of cards that are yet to be printed because it’s a continuous exercise, however he believes it will pick up steam “cause when people get their cards they will recognize the value of that card.”

Fortunately, this will not hinder entrance into the congress, since the Party is well aware that “everyone will not be able to get their card…..You can present your national identification card…you can present a drivers incense or your passport for people coming from overseas who probably won’t have the national ID card.”

He also made it clear that he is unaware of any phantom group’s emerging from Linden that would come to represent the region at the congress.

Clarke also addressed concerns that there was a reduction in the Linden delegation.

“There concern is that some of the persons who they would like to be delegates have not been chosen but I told them I don’t choose the delegates…the groups choose their delegates”.


  1. laawd one time me teck wan quick look at pasa pasa and meh almost vamit time me de look at dem ada pasa pasa who de woking pon Janet Jagan an meh nealy ent wan fi see no mo pasa pasa ever in ah me life ever…de ada time meh look at de pnc youth arm ah march and me see dem pnc youth man dem like 60 to 70 years old me nealy vamit..

  2. The people not uplifting their party cards because the army guarding the cards and the ballot boxes! Their own members don’t want to vote for no num’ ‘ead. Their community depressed because none of them want to work! They want to smoke dope, listen to passa passa and thief.

  3. “cause when people get their cards they will recognize the value of that card.” wow ..its amazing up to this day pnc cant shake the “party card” thing..the pnc party card is an albatross around pnc necks where when pnc in power you had to have your pnc party card to get nice things the pnc are still telling guyanese “pnc party cards” has value…value yes but only to about lets say 25 top pnc members and no other guyanese in pnc..the top 25 will go around the country telling the pnc black supporters how is pppc wronging yall an awee gon put stop to pppc depressing awee community and awee must teck back awee community and awee country from dem ppp..send them out to protest…pnc these days dont even have enough money to feed their handful will never tell them the truth and the truth really is that their top 25 has no brains and dont know how to lead..


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