Suspect arrested in connection with death of Montrose Granny

The suspect, Colin Allenye on the surveillance cameras
The suspect
The suspect

[] – A young man was arrested on Tuesday, August 04 by the police for questioning in relation to the murder of 77 – year – old Carmen Ganesh, who was beaten to death in her Montrose, East Coast Demerara home on August 01.

This was confirmed by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, who told iNews that the young man was arrested at a Georgetown address. The arrest was made hours after the Police Force released the image of the suspect, who was caught on surveillance camera beating the woman.

The Crime Chief could not say if the young man is indeed the person wanted for the murder, although there is a piece of evidence found during the arrest that is similar to an object featured on the civilian cameras in the house of the dead woman.

Up to midday today, the police could not confirm the age of the young man nor any information as to if he was cooperating with investigators.

Dead: Carmen Ganesh
Dead: Carmen Ganesh

The woman’s body was discovered on August 01 with a cloth tied around her neck and a gaping wound to the back of the head. iNews understands that the mother of six lived alone but had several security cameras monitoring the activities of the premises, which she has been taking care of over the years for friends of the family.

iNews was told that the woman was last seen on Friday, July 31 after she completed her daily chores, which included cleaning the yard; however she was not spotted the Saturday morning, prompting neighbours to inform her relatives.

The surveillance footage shows the suspect kicking, stomping and choking the elderly woman after hitting her on the head with a lug spanner.



  1. Mr slyppp, was the self confessed house slave and so many others like him who did DIRTY work for your criminal party, like murder,cocaine,rape,thief tax payers money by the millions,killed a minister,and the list goes on, are they not all on bail?with the exception of the barrats handy man ROGER K,,,,if the US government and with help from law men who respect law and order we would still have the lawless state of affairs, its going to take some time to clean 23 years of lawlessness.this lawless life got worse when The court order was thrown away, Some ppl like took that action and ran with it to this day,

  2. Sly I honor you for your dedicated service to our country which was not rewarded unlike those with friends in high places in the former PNC and ppp administrations. I will never condone that which is wrong those responsible in my opinion must be called on the carpet to account for their wrongs.what troubles me is the finger pointing that is so readily done with no sense of fairplay or responsibility. When are we as a nation going to be fair and responsible to my mind that is the only time we can hold politicians feet to the fire and demand they produce on behalf of the citizens of our country. I am sorry for labeling you. Truly sorry but can we all just get along according to Rodney King. There is no party in our country without skeletons in the cupboard. Some with more than others but I do believe if given a chance the present administration can deliver. They have already taken a step in terms of racial unity. Again my humble apologies.

  3. Those who want to forget the past and try to rewrite history to be in line with their political persuasion are as deceitful as those who rigged themselves into power.

  4. Inside out , I am, as the Trinis say, Guyanese to the bone. If I am “Guyana’s worst enemies”” then what about those who murder, maim, rob innocent citizens of their hard earned cash and other possessions? What about the rogue cops? What about Fredrick Kissoon who always described Guyana as the worst country with the most backward people? What about those who rigged elections to remain in power for almost three decades? What do you call those who banned basic food stuff? Answer those questions conscientiously before labelling me “Guyana’s worst enemy” I have given faithfully, seventeen years of my life to the service of the nation’s children and be caused I refused to pledge loyalty to the PNC, I became a marked man who went without any promotion for those most productive years of my working life. And I was not the only one.
    In conclusion, you are just writing CRAP.

  5. Sly ramotar released the killer of a young child and refused to provide a rational for doing so. Care to comment. This beast MUST and will get what is coming to him race has nothing to do with any of this tragedy. People like you are Guyanas worst enemies.

  6. Hramdat you are an idiot. Every President based on the
    Constitution can release a convicted person based on the severity of his or her crime. The only president that has released a convicted killer is ramotar. Did you have a negative comment about that.President Granger released
    Youth who committed
    Petty offences.
    Racism is not only stupid it is blind

  7. You should work for the police. You know who started the crime. How come the give Ramjattan that ministry? He told the people that he don’t have a clue on the origin of crime. You should be his Adviser.

  8. Please stop this type of PPP like bashing. It is unfair because the source of all of the heinous crimes started with the PPP Scum bags in power. So please stop thinking like them.

  9. Two life sentences, and forty years in jail, and his mastermind, four life sentences, and 80 years in jail. They must die in jail.

  10. Foolish to even apply a racial tag to such a crime…every single thing is labeled as racial or political these days???

  11. Is this the way to deal with your grief, by attacking bloggers? How despicable can some people behave. Anything coming from you has to have a racist connotation. So sad, have you no shame?

  12. This is not North America, therefore we do not have to be following the “banning the death penalty”.. hang em high… but then again, Sly might be correct he gun be let out on community service, after all he is a young, under privileged black Guyanese that the PPP/C Government failed to provide for him and the countless others…

  13. I commented on this news already and wrote exactly how I felt as I know this person over twenty years. I will repeat in part what I wrote; had the victim been of another ethnicity,?this news would have attracted an overwhelming number of comments. Where are these bloggers who constantly attack anything PPPC and praise anything APNU/AFC? Moses and Ramjattan bade both gone deaf and dumb. The perpetrator will soon be released some time soon


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