Suicide cases cause alarm; priority attention needed


[]A recent surge in reports of suicide, particularly in the Indo-Guyanese community, has seen renewed calls for this problem to be given “national priority.”

The national Indian cultural body – the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) – on Sunday, January 12 said it is “extremely perturbed over the incidents of suicide that continue seemingly unabated in parts of our country. More so, the organisation has noted that such incidents seem more profound in the East Berbice region. Members of the IAC and the general public have reported many incidents over time and an alarming increase was noted over the past few weeks.”

According to the IAC, “The suicide rate here attracted attention beyond our borders resulting in a major international television news network producing a story highlighting this distressing trend not too long ago. Since then it is clear that the rate of suicide has reached shocking proportions.”

The IAC believes this warrants interventions of national magnitude and calls on the authorities to declare the current situation of suicide a national priority.

“The IAC believes that despite some mechanisms to provide assistance, there has been a deficiency in this regard by public entities and private organisations. The IAC therefore urges the Ministries of Human Services and Social Security, Health and Culture, Youth & Sport, to collaborate in an effort to derive a meaningful plan of action which will lead to the provision of education and related counselingwith the aim of reducing, and hopefully, eliminate incidents of suicides.”

Further, the IAC is calling on all Religious and Non-Governmental Organisations “to work with the authorities and the communities to help combat incidents which can lead to suicide. The lingering consequences brought to bear on surviving family members especially when children are affected, must also be addressed. The IAC also believes that the circumstances which may be reasons for someone taking his/her life must be identified and addressed.”

The IAC says “it stands ready to lead and support any intervention in this regard and is hopeful that its urgent call for immediate action is heeded.”



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