Participants divided on establishment of World Anti – Doping Lab

Gumendra Shewdas
Gumendra Shewdas

[]iNews’ participants are divided on whether the Guyana government should invest in a World Anti – Doping Agency accredited lab for professional athletes.

The question was posed to iNews readers and the wider public, following which 47 percent of participants voted in favour of the development of the agency and 47 voted against it, while six percent were undecided.

The question arose following the revelation that Guyana’s ‘Golden Boy’ Gumendra Shewdas was tested positive for a prohibited drug. He has since been fined and banned for two years from any form of powerlifting.

The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) has asked Powerlifter Shewdas to pay the fine of $2000 Euros ($558,213 GYD). The local body has since said that it will collaborate with international partners to rehabilitate the athlete.

Following the positive test, the Berbecian has been listed as positive on the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) list on December 22. On the topic of the actual consumption, the power lifting boss said that he believes that Shewdass did not knowingly ingest the substance, (Methylhexaneamine and Oxilofrineine).Pie Chart

As a result of this, all athletes who were scheduled to participate in international competitions have been suspended.



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