Student hit down on pedestrian crossing by speeding police vehicle

The injured child arrives at the hospital

By Leroy Smith

The injured child arrives at the hospital
The injured child arrives at the hospital

[] – A Police Constable assigned to the Commander of ‘D’ Division is under close arrest after he struck down a female student as she was using a pedestrian crossing on Monday, September 14, 2015 at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara.

iNews was informed that the student, who received several lacerations to the body including her head, is now a patient at a Public Hospital.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that the Police Constable was returning to the Office from a fuel station with the police siren on full blast; it is alleged that he was speeding at the time.

iNews understands that the Commander, Steven Mansell was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident but was at his office at the Leonora Police Station.

Commander Mansell told iNews that there was no need for the rank to be speeding or using the siren, since there was no pending assignment or emergency.

The Commander further told iNews that persons on the scene alleged that the Police Constable overtook a line of vehicles when the accident occurred. He promised that the investigation, which is already in progress, will be concluded shortly.

The Commander also met with relatives of the injured student and committed to assisting the family in whatever way they can.



  1. A complete attitude adjustment is badly needed among Guyana’s public servants on the whole. Ongoing in service education at all levels and in every agency MAYbe helpful, BUT the men and women who serve the public have to WANT TO CHANGE their attitudes.

  2. School just reopen and this is what this little girl parents have to deal with, shame on the police who thinks they own the road, and not respecting other people who also use the road especially school children. You are there to protect the people not to run them over with your police car like you are the owner of the wold when in uniform.
    I pray that this little girl have a safe and speedy recovery, so she can some day return back to school.

  3. Maureen I so agree with all you have stated as I have experienced the same in Guyana. I admire the respect shown to the pedestrians in the UK by most drivers.
    Such lawlessness in Guyana no regards for anyone
    I wish that victim a speedy recovery and hope that that police officer be dealt with accordingly. He should never be allowed to drive again.

  4. It aught to be Common knowledge in Guyana that whenever a Police, Fire, or Ambulance is traveling with the SIREN On.

    Pedestrians and ALL motor vehicles are supposed to give them the Right Of Way.

    Or Get To Hell Out Of The Way.

    This is customary in all or most countries. Because it is perceived, that this is an emergency situation!

  5. RIDICULOUS! This wild-man police officer should be FIRED. The child’s family should also sue the Police. Wishing the young victim a speedy and full recovery!

  6. Not surprising, only just came back to Englang from Guyana and a lot of the drivers there are mental! They have no regards for each other much less pedestrians, I have seen close calls on pedestrian crossings, drivers just don’t have any respect for them even when people start to cross they just carry on driving with out a care, this needs to be addressed to protect people from serious injury or death.

  7. I should think that the GPF pay the girl’s family full compensation and make sure she’s looked after well . As for the officer it seems he may be over abusing his powerful with speeding and sirens blazing . This i hope should be dealt with sternly and hopefully never happen again .

  8. Any which way you want to look at it the people are still crying out that they are more afraid of our police than bandits. One way or another a police will get you. Police thieving gas bringing it home to loved ones to sell Police put on sirens to clear the way to take his/her child to school because police woke up late. Heavy tinted windows on police their close friends and family vehicles.

  9. Use and abuse of state assets. I would like to see how balance is the minister of security in his attempt to rid the force of rogue cops.


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