Sophia man charged with assaulting Uncle

Quacey Chapman
Quacey Chapman
Quacey Chapman

[] – A 24 – year – old man, who is accused of assaulting his uncle appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan and pleaded not guilty to the offence.

It is alleged that Quacey Chapman of Sophia, Georgetown unlawfully and maliciously assaulted Gary Hope, causing him grievous bodily injury.

The Prosecution explained that on the day in question, the accused was smoking a cigarette and blew the smoke in the face of his uncle as he passed by.

An argument ensued where it is alleged that the defendant picked up a piece of iron pipe and dealt Hope several lashes to his body. The Prosecution added that virtual complainant sustained a fractured forearm and complains of severe pains about his body.

When given a chance to say something, the accused told the court that on the day in question he was standing at his gate when his uncle and grandmother verbally abused him, threatening to “fix him up.”

According to the accused, he became fearful for his life and decided to arm himself with a piece of iron pipe and dealt Hope several lashes. He apologized for his actions and was ordered to pay his uncle $50,000 in compensation.

They were both placed on a bond to keep the peace for 12 months and are to undergo counseling. It they should break this bond or fail to attend counseling sessions, they will both be arrested and taken for trial.



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