Six arrested in Kaneville; accused of planning robberies, gun ammo recovered



By Leroy Smith

[] – Acting on information this afternoon [Monday, October 20], police in ‘A’ Division swooped down on six men in Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, who were allegedly planning several robberies.

During the operation, the police recovered a .38 revolver and several matching rounds; they also impounded a Gold AT 192 motorcar, which was allegedly being used by men.

iNews was informed that a police station along the East Bank of Demerara received a call informing ranks of the presence of the men and the motive for their convergence at the location.

Of the six men arrested, two of them are known to the police and according to sources close to the investigation the very two men had brushes with the law in the past for robberies under arms.

When contacted, Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken confirmed that the men are in custody.

The Commander said the police are checking to see if the men are connected to any recent crimes committed along the East Bank Demerara especially on persons coming from the Airport and other locations.



  1. u see these criminals know the revolving doors of justice…they are well known to police..its their profession..its their trade..its their job..its their duty to rob..the money is too good..the job is a gun to someone head..they dont care if the victims piss or crap themselves..they dont care about the terror their victims feels..yet they go to jail with a slap on the wrist only to be out in no time terrorizing citizens again..its called plying their makers are well protected along with their families so lawmakers and those in the judiciary just dont give a rats ass what the ordinary citizens have to face on an hourly basis..opposition will cry extra judicial something while GHRA will cry human rights violation..


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