Guyanese are not respected by other Caricom countries – iNews Poll



CARICOM[] – A poll conducted by iNews has found that Guyanese are not respected by other Caricom countries.

In response to the question, “Do you think Guyanese are given due respect by other CARICOM countries?” a resounding 86 percent of persons voted ‘no’, 11 percent voted ‘yes’ and four percent were undecided.

Guyana became the first country in the region to amend the Caribbean Community (Free Entry of Skilled Nationals) Bill 2014.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett had said the Bill’s passage sends a signal that Guyana maintains the lead and is setting a trend relative to its commitment to regional integration.

There are several reports of Guyanese being mistreated in other Caricom countries, more so in Barbados.


  1. Guyanese need to start loving respecting n taking care of what they n stop running to d ppk country to make themselves slaves n fools. Ppl here r working n dispite how low our money is we can have a land a car a house n still eat properly. Plenty of us leave here for yrs n don’t have anything but bills to pay. N can’t even afford to come home n build something for ourselves n d ppk living in d dea bad Guyana living n getting more than d ones who run to work overseas whether they straight or not. Ppl we need to respect n put effort in our own country. It is beautiful n we have so much freedom a lot more. I stop theseppl from making us their eye pass

  2. I have been living outside of Guyana for many years and the truth is I was and still am ashamed of what the previous and current leaders DID NOT do..what a beautiful country that is now a boondocks city..and the folks that live there should be blamed entirely..they did not do anything constructive to indicate that they are displeased with the non effective ways the country was have that right as a human being to dispute issues if you think the leaders are not being s one of two things, you either are too apathetic or you are afraid to voice your disdain for your country because the results will be undesirable..whatever the reason, stop whining and DO SOMETHING..there is a explanation as to why the country is referred to as third world..fortunately I have fond memories of growing up in Guyana however, I can t in good conscience admit that I was born there..therein lies the sadness and plight of guyana..

  3. some of that is true but there are many who still lives on the Linden Soesdyke Highway,and is happy to date they were brought from England through Linden Forbes Samson Burnham as char Coals burners still doing so in a smaller scale having their homes and is so pleasant,in fact some is from Jamaica,and teaches the way to utilize the sand area which produces much ground provision so they always have food even as you walk in their yard they say you are walking on food, I was personally taught to make yam pone the same as cassava pone the difference is adding some flour.

  4. That is so true people don’t like Guyanese because what they rufuse to do Guyanese go and do it cause they have family to take care of, i have traveled many times and had to hide my identity but when others go to Guyana they can do what they want free land people treating them like family etc anybody welcome!

  5. Hugh. U are an idiot.What language do U speak? Are U even on a nodding acquaintance with Spanish or French or Portuguese. Caricom is our national Home. This British nonsense which you casually dismiss, if it had been maintained in Guyana, our Country would have been economically, culturally, and morally ahead of the rest of both the Caricom Region, not to mention the rest of South America.

  6. u talking crap so stop…burmham was hungry for power because he thought he was a born african king…he jumped in bed with massa and mass taught him how to divide by playing the race card and his pnc doing it to this day..u relally think that most of your people are marginalized disenfranchised discriminated against as their rulers claimed? stop with your crap..u tihnk u name sakes is a depressed community? come again

  7. -AChester The disrespect that other Caribbean counties exhibit towards us is self-inflicted. The primary cause is, we Guyanese do not respect ourselves. I live abroad, and have to listen on numerous occasions to overseas Guyanese who proudly proclaim. ‘ I cannot go back to live in Guyana, followed by some spurious,ill-considered reason for their stance. Guyanese love to ridicule the country of their Birth. I can give a multitude of examples of this sort of behaviour. Our Political Leaders have contributed the most to this disrespect. The antics of the Incumbent Rulers has made us the laughing stock of the Caribbean. First of all Self-respect, and self-esteem are the most important of Human Values. We Guyanese are sadly lacking this virtue.

  8. I wonder who are some of you folks that make these statements. the answer to most of these issues is respect. I travel a lot and not once was I ever disrespected or have to defend who I am. on the term “Fifth Class Citizen” It all comes down to how you see yourself for even the fifth class lives better than some.

  9. I have lived in Suriname, Barbados, new York, Antigua and Trinidad. When I hear Guyanese talking crap I get real vex. Let do the study and then we can talk. Our leaders have fail us in the Caribbean. There was a time when Guyana was the bread basket of the Caribbean. Cheddi and Burnham caused the race divide and as a result, little economic development. We Guyanese then and now has to leave and go in search for greener pasture. Barbados of all countries has the gall to disrespect Guyanese, when they were coming to Guyana by the hundreds. The leaders need to make Guyana a place where we can live again. No Guyanese must be treated bad from any caricom country. EVERY COUNTRY HAS ITS GOOD AND BAD. Let us stop the bad mouthing and get with building Guyana. I am one gt that will not take nonsense from any immigration. I have made it in the islands and I am proud of who I am..

  10. Gary I agree with part of your argument which is true and appalling. But on respect is has nothing to do with Government it is the duty of man to respect each other regardless of race creed and nationality.

  11. u got it smack dead on..Guyanese bring this upon themselves..
    i see sum Guyanese big up dem chest at custom officers when in Trinidad.
    Simple question Guyanese refusing to answer..I had to tell one Guyanese answer the the girl blasted question truthfully and stop holding up others..
    talk about when Guyanese come back home with their credit card money hahaha..
    i hear one from NY tell the Guyanese girl he live in NY and he is a Guyanese Yankee.
    The girl asked what job does he do there…
    Well Well Well the Guyanese Yankee said he a a Janitorial Engineer..
    The girl think wow that is a big job and she was about to agree to go out with the Guyanese Yankee..I knew he was fooling the girl and what he was about to do.
    I told her your Guyanese Yankee Janitorial Engineer works at a rum shop in NY where he clean up piss crap vomit of drunks..
    He forget I knew him..The baby looked at him with scorn and she was right to.

  12. There was a time when more “Islanders” came to Guyana than Guyanese going to the “Islands” Those who came were treated like family and many of them became rich and either went back to their origins or remained in Guyana!
    Not so now! Guyanese themselves have created the monster which afflicts them now in other countries by projecting an image of embracing everything unlawful which would make them money!
    I don’t see it changing unless Guyanese themselves change it by rebuilding their ‘own country’ Will that happen? I doubt it very much because Guyanese now rather be a “FIFTH CLASS citizen” elsewhere rather than remain in Guyana!

  13. That’s exactly what i was saying on Facebook we’re always placing other nation in front if us. For example at the passport office we’re have to wait out side while every other nation is being well treated.

  14. There is an old saying “If the head is not good, then the body can’t be good” You have government that is making a mockery of the Local Constitution, and whatever International Laws there are to govern countries like Guyana. Government Ministers and their “Stoolies” are living the High-Life, $600,000.00GYD-$1,000,000.00 a month, ($3,000.00-$15,000.00 USD) while the Government Employees make $40,000.00-$60,000.00 GYD ($200.00-$300.00 USD)a tenth of that, for the same time period, but are actually doing their jobs. Poverty Level is skyrocketing, people have worked for years, and their pensions are being held from them. Drug trafficking has taken precedent over honest legal employment. Crime is so prevalent, that, to go home, you’re doing so at your own risk, because even the cops, are known to commit criminal acts. And you expect to be respected? As we all know, respect is earned, not demanded.

  15. This is so true especially in Barbados. I have been to most of the Caribbean over a few years and I must say it is shameful to see the way these countries treat our people. If you go back and check history you will find most of the Caribbean has roots of ancestry in Guyana.

  16. Guyanese are not been treated well in other Carribean countries, such as Barbados, Trinidad and others and when they go to Guyana they get the best treatment, they even get land to do what they want, and you guyanese want a piece and cannot get

  17. As a Guyanese I do not feel myself being part of the Caribbean. I think we should be more aligned to South America and forget this British nonsense. Everyone else sees themselves as part of the continent even Panama. Let us forget Caricom, Brazil do not treat our citizens the way Trinidad and Barbados do.

  18. Then my dear you haven,t made a round trip , and that is because the truth must be told it is not only the fault of the countries , guynese also bring it upon them selfs as a people,for example i,vd been living in suriname for the pass 22 years, and i,ve seen the good bad and indiffrents, i,ve work my way op to a chef for a resturant, it was not easy to do, hen it comes to been mistreated, under paid,and also over looked, but i stick with it, and today i,m the top chef for a resturant, like me and other hard working guyanese, n the carribbean then
    are also the other set of our country man who will come , to other carribbean country and do the worst , you can think about , and give us a bad name, and when they come back home to guyana they live like they win a lotto, they will drink up and sport, like life was easy, and they got all the money in world , and when tbe money done they gone back and bring more misserey for other people. So as guyanese people we have to check our self, before we blame other people.


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